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The Hardwood Grove was an existing brand based in Clarksville, TN that was popular across the country. Their following trusted the owners and brand as humble, hard-working individuals who stood by their word. When they developed and distributed their epoxy products, they began flying off the shelves! We came in because the owner was still in the Army and needing someone to manage his social media.
Here are some highlights from first quarter of managing the Hardwood Grove’s Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest:


Hardwood Grove Before/After Pinterest Hardwood Grove Epoxy


Most businesses we work with hire our social media management team because their hands are literally full with duties inside their business. If that sounds like you, let’s talk!


Woodworking in 8 Easy Steps Epoxy Info Graphic
One Pour on the Rocks  Epoxy Info Graphic Two
Group Pic Epoxy  

*Logo and brand pre-established

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