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During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of debate over rising grocery prices, particularly beef. Our business is proud to support our farmers, especially those in my own family. We just built a website for 🌻Kansas residents to purchase locally-raised beef.
The family farming operation offers several services including homegrown crops and beef. Their main goal was setting up a website to place and sell their beef orders. A small hurdle was figuring out how to separate two different LLCs between the father and son so they worked on the same website. We also needed an FAQ page for the consistently asked questions.
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Before the website, they were fielding social media posts and questions. This website allowed them to direct everyone to one platform where questions were answered, details were given and online orders were accepted with online payments.
They had a few requests to help personalize the website (which we love and highly recommend) which included a business plan outline to pull accurate information and a family background story to emphasize the locally grown products. They also requested some K-State Purple which we could never say no to!
We decided to use a website that would be easy to edit, which they would be doing about once a month as new order information came to light. When building a website, it’s important it looks just as good on a desktop as it does on mobile. See these screenshots. 

If you or someone you know could use help as the world booms💸 in eCommerce (website, social media, etc.), send them our way!

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