Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Every April in Washington state there's a liiitttllllee thing called the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Even if you haven't heard of it, I am sure you've seen the photos. We went April 22, 2018.  Before going, I was curious about where the festival was, how much it cost, what there was to do and I … Continue reading Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

You Are Here: Savannah, GA

During our time in North Carolina we take advantage of weekends and long trips by visiting areas nearby. Perks of being on the east coast! On the top of our list was Savannah, Georgia. This top section is about our first visit which is more family-friendly. If you're looking for some additional planning tips from … Continue reading You Are Here: Savannah, GA

Plan Your Visit To Seattle!

Where should we travel next? Leave me a comment and if you don't mind dropping a review I would appreciate it!  For three years my husband and I lived just south of Seattle. While the city gets a bad rap for the gray skies and rain, it really is not that bad! For a majority … Continue reading Plan Your Visit To Seattle!

The Mountains Are Calling: Mount Si

Looking for someone to handle your social media? Need a guest writer? Ask about our services.  Sigh... Si what I did there?  Okay. I'm done. Mount Si (pronounced sigh) was our last big hike we did before leaving Washington. As any other Sunday we headed out on July 8, 2018 around 11 a.m. to climb a … Continue reading The Mountains Are Calling: Mount Si

Cross-Country Road Trip: Part One of Three

Ah, yes, PCS season. Can you just smell the cardboard box and endless pizza for every meal? This summer was the first move my husband and I did together and it was a full PCS from the Army. We drove two cars with our belongings and dog from Washington state to North Carolina before settling into … Continue reading Cross-Country Road Trip: Part One of Three

Vancouver to Victoria, BC

This trip was July 19-23, 2017   Oh, Canada. We live 4.5 hours from the Canadian border. Being from the middle of the United States it was exciting to have the chance to be in another country that quickly. Drew had never been out of the country until this trip and it was time for … Continue reading Vancouver to Victoria, BC