Vancouver to Victoria, BC

This trip was July 19-23, 2017   Oh, Canada. We live 4.5 hours from the Canadian border. Being from the middle of the United States it was exciting to have the chance to be in another country that quickly. Drew had never been out of the country until this trip and it was time for … Continue reading Vancouver to Victoria, BC

Rainbow Falls//First Hike With Our Dog

In April 2016 we adopted a German Shepherd/Saluki/Mutt mix from Iran with a cute face, floppy ears and a super soft coat. We named him Argo (like the movie with Iran & America.) On June 22, 2018 he turned THREE! Yes, this is a little crazy but if you knew him you would agree this … Continue reading Rainbow Falls//First Hike With Our Dog

Where To Go and What To Do in Astoria, OR

Astoria. Cool name, even cooler city in Oregon. We were interested in going to Astoria because of the rich history, filming locations, great food, craft beer and awesome pictures I kept seeing online. Our friends had camped nearby and climbed The Astoria Column a few weeks before we got to Astoria and enjoyed it. While … Continue reading Where To Go and What To Do in Astoria, OR

Lazy Day Hike: Nisqually

If you're looking for an active rest day or an easy hike for a slow-day, Nisqually Nature Preserve (technically named Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge) is the place you want to be. When Argo ripped out of his third, padlocked kennel, resulting in stitches and hundreds of dollars in vet visits (GOOD THING … Continue reading Lazy Day Hike: Nisqually

Rattlesnake Ledge: Hiking With Dogs

In only five miles and at about 2,000 feet up, you'll be at one of the most popular, beautiful and unique outlooks in Washington. Plus you can do it all with your four-legged hiking buddy! Rattlesnake Ledge is popular because it is relatively easy, well-maintained for all types of families, it's easy to get to … Continue reading Rattlesnake Ledge: Hiking With Dogs

4 Days in Portland, OR

My husband recently achieved a lifelong dream that will kick off the rest of his career (and our next big moves!) WOOT WOOOO! He was gone for one month so when he returned the clock started ticking for our remaining time in the PNW. We wanted to take advantage of a four-day weekend and chose … Continue reading 4 Days in Portland, OR