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During our time in North Carolina we take advantage of weekends and long trips by visiting areas nearby. Perks of being on the east coast! On the top of our list was Savannah, Georgia.

This top section is about our first visit which is more family-friendly. If you’re looking for some additional planning tips from our couple’s getaway those will be at the bottom. Thanks for reading!

Family Trip (Our First Visit)


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 If you want our real POV check out my IG.

Our family in Florida drove up to meet us there for a weekend in an adorable VRBO. This house was fantastic for us on a family weekend trip (I can’t remember the address but The Lucky Savannah houses are all very similar layouts and decor.) If it’s important for you not to drive a few minutes to downtown then I would choose a home closer to downtown. The home was fantastic and so beautiful; it was just my style but would love for it to be closer walking distance next time for a weekend of going out. No matter what I was surprised they had parking garages that were very central and free or low cost.

savannah path

This was at Wormsloe Estate (read more below) and taken by a professional, not us.

We spent our first night having dinner at the Savannah Taproom. We tried a few new beers like the D9 Brown Chicken Brown Cow beer and split their nachos which were great. I had their much raved about Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers…I will tell you they’re worth it!

If you have to wait for a table and need something to do check out the retro toy store next door!

The BEST thing about Savannah (ok…one of the best? Maybe THE best…) is that it’s open container!

Heads up you’ve got to make sure it’s in plastic and it’s one person per drink to carry it out of the bar. Walk down to the Riverfront Market. On the way we came up on a film set where it was rumored they were shooting a Bette Midler movie.

You can check out all of the highlights on my Instagram reel here.

Savannah is filled with awesome rough cobblestone streets, steep staircases (like in the photo above), hanging moss on ancient trees, beautiful parks every block and tours. We enjoyed walking around and checking out the crowds before a sweet treat night cap that NEEDS to be on your must-visit list. It’s the glory that is Leopold’s.

Don’t be intimidated by the long line…it moves fairly quickly and you will want the time to figure out your order. I ended up choosing the delicious mocha and coffee with chocolate chips. We all had different flavors and liked them.

Saturday was a day focused on walking around to explore the city. We started out with a self-guided walking tour through Bonaventure Cemetery. If you have your own car there I would drive in and park in the small lot up front. There’s also areas to park throughout the roadways in the cemetery. To take yourself through the cemetery you can buy or purchase a mobile app or the paper map.

My favorite place to eat and visit was this next part…Treylor Park Hitch! You have to go. They have a laid back feel with creative and upscale food and drinks. They’re menu is filled with things I wanted to try! I had my favorite Son of  a Peach beer which always smells and tastes like a jam-packed peach pie…except here it was on tap. We shared their nachos grande and the PBJ chicken wings. You read that right. Peanut Butter Asian-fused wings with a jelly inspired dipping sauce.


We grabbed drinks while walking around touring parks, the fountains, Forsyth Park, old houses and the beautiful downtown. It was the best time just being able to walk around, visit, read and learn about the area.

We were also able to do a little eavesdropping on a bike tour talking about the bench were Forrest Gump was filmed.

Being a Saturday night the crowds were definitely out and about. Trying to get a space at restaurants for 6 people was a bit difficult so we had to go to the Little Duck Diner. Their food wasn’t outstanding but it got the job done in the nick of time before our scheduled ghost tour. I would have preferred trying out Moon River Brewing Co. if I were you!

Our scheduled ‘adult’ ghost tour meets in a park and took just over an hour to walk around, learn the history of the city and hear stories of the infamous burials or locations. Again, we were able to bring our drinks and had a great time. We noticed that the City Market area was party central.

They’re also known for hosting a great St. Patrick’s Day so a spring break trip would be a blast here!

Even though we had to cut the trip short and leave early the next day we know we will be back and are excited to visit again! If you have tips on where we should go or what we should do drop them in the comments below!

Couple’s Weekend (Our Second Visit)

The weekend of August 9-12, 2019 we had a surprise four day and knew we wanted another go at Savannah. This trip, compared to above, showed the difference a crowded weekend makes versus the norm. It felt like we had the town to ourselves even though it was still fun and buzzing with bachelorette parties, couples and families closing out their summer.

Sunset down Bay St.

Since it was important for us to be within walking distance of nightlife and bars, we opted for a sweet one-bedroom apartment from the dominant rental company, Lucky Savannah. The apartment was a bit cheaper on VRBO compared to Airbnb and is located at 19 E. Bay Street. It was a few minutes walking to the popular City Market area and downtown locations and one block from River Street.

This apartment’s location was fantastic but the walls were so extremely thin I thought several times that people were in the apartment or closer nearby. This was disturbing in the morning but otherwise bearable.

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We read that Moon River Brewing Co. does a shot on the house and a celebration at 6 pm Fridays but that must have been old news. We stopped in at our old faithful watering hole for a few beers to start the night and were instead entertained by some doggos.


Cone of Uncertainty and Yoga Pants were two of my favorite that I tried here. He’s always liked the Swamp Fox.

We had 8 pm reservations at The Ordinary Pub over on Broughton St. It’s nice to walk through the squares on your way to eat and drink around. If you’re going through in the summer it is HOT so be ready to walk and not get a lot of breeze.

Downtown Night One Historic District

They do pho night, taco night, brunch and some other cool events so definitely check out their website for info and book a reservation because they are POPULAR and limited on space. We were able to stand with a drink while we waited for the table to be clean.


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After this fantastic dinner in the coolest downstairs pub we walked over the bars in City Market and accidentally ended up staying at Pour Larry’s because we made friends and were having too much fun to bar hop.

Pour Larry's

Saturday’s Brunch at Huey’s was nearby, not a terribly long wait (20 mins) and had fantastic food. While we waited we were able to take a quick walk down River Street and check out the views and the shops.

Huey’s menu had a Southern/NOLA flare. Their mimosas came with small bottles of champagne. I had the Fried Chicken Benedict which hits the spot for hangovers and Drew’s sweet tooth ordered the Chicken Pain Perdue which was supposed to come with Chicken Fingers but didn’t :(.

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You’ll need to walk off brunch and luckily River Street is host to an easy walking riverfront view with a few statues and sight seeing locations. The Waving Girl Statue is (let me just copy/paste so I get it right).
” A tribute to Florence Martus, a Savannahian who is perhaps better known in worldwide maritime communities than in her own. From 1887 to 1931, she greeted ships entering Savannah by waving a cloth at approaching ships from the lighthouse on Cockspur Island, in search of her long lost lover. Her fame spread and ships would return her greetings with a blast from the ship’s horn. Many still sound a salute to her statue.”

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We stopped in to Lizzy’s for some frozen margs and much-needed AC. If there’s something that will never get old in Savannah, it’s simply walking around. The old oaks, historical sights, numerous squares and much more always make for a beautiful and peaceful walk to and from locations or just to ‘be’.

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We had afternoon reservations around 1 pm for The Olde Pink House.

The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House

We were surprised that the restaurant wasn’t as formal as the pictures make it seem. Granted it was the middle of the afternoon. We were still full from brunch but needed to take advantage of the menu in a famous location. We were both interested in the specials of swordfish tacos and the most flavorful curry dish ever.

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Downstairs is a hidden gem called Planter’s Tavern. If we go back I am definitely placing priority on a reservation there. I didn’t have my phone when I peeked in but it was a cozy, dark cellar vibe.

We returned to Hitch (There is also the first location, Treylor Park, which is right down the block from the apartment.) We got the same PBJ wings and Loaded Waffle Fry Nachos but I would focus on the Nachos next time around. The wings weren’t as good as I remember and we weren’t hungry enough for the Chicken Pancake Tacos or anything else on the menu.

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Tonight was our Haunted Ghost Pub Tour. It was a fun twist on the last one because of the built in stops for drink refills and bathroom breaks.


The Ghost Pub Tour meets at the haunted Six Pence Pub.

There was a bachelorette party, other couples and a single tourist in our group so this is great for everyone! We loved our host and you can book private tours through her on her Facebook page. Tell her Drew and Marin sent ya!  

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Should you do this one or the regular one? I think you will like the smaller group size and waiting of the Haunted Pub Tour (you buy all your own drinks btw) but since it is open container you’ll be able to take your kids or those not drinking wth you on another tour. There are plenty to choose from so read reviews and what’s offered at what time before booking!

One of the first stops on the ghost tour was Chippewa Square where the Forrest Gump bench was located. His school is across the square, Jenny’s restaurant is nearby and the Vietnam scenes were actually filmed on the river down near the convention center.

We walked through downtown after the tour but all the popular bars like The Bar or The Treehouse had really long lines so we just decided to call it a night at World Of Beer before Day 3.


We woke up on Sunday and walked through the squares to brunch at The Grove. They didn’t open until 11 a.m. and considering it’s the trendiest place ever with a rooftop bar, I would make a reservation to be safe. Check out the slideshow for what we ordered and highly recommend (but man did the chicken tenders look great, too.)

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It will be a 30 minute drive out to the picturesque Tunnel Of Trees but always worth seeing the sites. The pictures really don’t so this tunnel justice. I wouldn’t say you need to necessarily pay the entrance fee (unless you’re conscious is getting to you.)

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If you’re coming from Bonaventure cemetery (above) it seemed to be fairly close! I would recommend this be something you definitely stop by to see at least.

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The Wormsloe State Historic Site is only $10 for adults and is the smallest plantation we’ve seen but you’re really going to see the 400 oak trees. There are also blacksmith and smaller fields around the property that host events and a marsh near the back where wildlife are often spotted. The day we visited we saw cranes.

This evening was a great chance to reserve a table at the world famous restaurant, The Grey. You can learn about the head chef’s and co-owner’s story on Netflix’s Chef’s Table episode. This is hands-down a must visit for your time in the sweet southern town.

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The service, vibe, atmosphere, drinks and food were incredible. I would be interested in eating at the front diner area next time we visit for more casual food. No matter what it’s fun to walk around the old bus station turned restaurant and enjoy yourself.

Wanting to see more pictures and videos? I save all the live-time good stuff to my Instagram stories @marinslocalcollab.

We ended tonight with trivia at a scottish pub, tapas and drinks at Jazz’d, drinks at The Social Club, a drag show at Club One and night cap and dancing at Saddlebags.


We always have so much fun in Savannah and if you’re looking for a weekend getaway, have suggestions or questions please let us know!



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