Brunker Land & Cattle

Brunker Land & Cattle had a strong tagline lasting with the family operation for over five generations. “Faith. Family. Farming. Our roots run deep.” They have their initial audience but needed to improve their online platforms for a future goal of expanding their business. We collaborated to create a cohesive brand for their family-owned farm. … Continue reading Brunker Land & Cattle

Cricket’s Loft

Cricket’s Loft: A Homemade Tradition

Donze & Associates

Donze & Associates is a small insurance firm in Olympia, WA and faced struggles most small businesses are: HOW do we get WHAT we want to WHO we want? They had a website and Facebook page but were struggling with what content would attract their ideal clients. We branded their online and printed business materials … Continue reading Donze & Associates


This was a combination effort for an entire business based around an author/speaker, his events, his books, his clients and more. As a Marketing Manager at REFERCO I was tasked with numerous communications jobs. Some of the titles and sections I operated on were REFERCO, Generosity Generation, CATALYST*, Certified Referral Trainers & other programs.  I … Continue reading REFERCO

Sedgwick County 4-H

Sedgwick County 4-H is the second-most populated county in Kansas however they were struggling with youth enrolling in their program and balancing a demanding workload. Local Collaborative worked with their extension agent to create graphics, marketing approaches and provide a variety of services including video edits and photography for outstanding projects. One of our main … Continue reading Sedgwick County 4-H

Shannon Nicole Coaching

Shannon came to Local Collaborative with a big dream in mind: Create a women’s mindset coaching program. While she was still working her full-time job, she wanted to explore the opportunity of mindset coaching. Shannon is passionate about reaching out to women to share her story, perspective on mindset and tips, strategies and advice on how to … Continue reading Shannon Nicole Coaching

The Egglady’s Daughter

The Egglady’s Daughter is a sole proprietor company whose original focus was in creating custom wood signs. She wanted her focus to shift to shipping DIY Kits and pre-made signs to free up her time and increase revenue. She came to me with a logo, a long-term image and a big end goal in mind. … Continue reading The Egglady’s Daughter

Thomson Team Training

Thomson Team Training (TTT) was founded February 1, 2016. They built up a referral-based business (something every business dreams of) and firmly stated their mission statement, tagline and basic branding position. EMPOWER.  ENCOURAGE.  EQUIP. However they were gaining clients like crazy, developing new clients, building their team, creating new programs and being full time wives/mothers … Continue reading Thomson Team Training

Trade Winds Interior Design

Trade Winds Interior Design has been in business for over 10 years but came to Local Collaborative with a blank slate. They were aware of at least 40 percent of potential clientele they missed due to lack of an online presence. Trade Winds Interior Design chose a logo, revamped their Facebook page and re-did their … Continue reading Trade Winds Interior Design

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