Westport Beach Camping

Summers are for camping, beaches and time with your friends. If you can fit them all in the same weekend, even better!

Westport is known for it’s miles of sandy, public beaches, boardwalk with stores and plenty to eat and drink and a casual weekend for anyone wanting to drive out to the beach. They allow dogs on their beaches and you can take the truck or 4WD on the sand.

Leaving for Westport. Read more at www.mylocalcollaborative.com

From Lacey to Westport it was only 1.5 drive. It takes you through Aberdeen, known as the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula (Which we camped through a few weeks ago. Most incredible trip ever; check it out here!) It is also famous for being the birthplace/hometown of Kurt Cobain.

Aberdeen. Read more at www.mylocalcollaborative.com

Shortly after we met our friends at Westport Winery. You’ll see it on your right and just keep a look out for the lighthouse. They have a small, gated dog play area with water and a bench. They have outdoor games and you can go inside to order beer or wine and shop around. They also had basic food and snacks available. After a few hours we walked around the gardens to view their plants, flowers and themed set up.

Wesport Winery. Read more at www.mylocalcollaborative.com

It was a quick 12 minute drive from the winery to Twin Harbors State Park for us to get our site set up in the daylight. The entrance fee is minimal and you just keep the ticket in your car window. We had two lots across the street from each other and were located right next to the bathhouse, trash dumpster and water spout which was super convenient.

The campsite is popular and fills fast so get your reservations in early! If you can’t find anything there are at least two more campgrounds in the same area.

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The first thing we did when we got there was walk a short distance to the back of the campground and get beach access. From tents to sand it was about a ten minute walk. It’s a small, single path clearance that’s a little rough so wear your shoes. You will come out of the woods and climb a short hill to the top of the sand dune for the best, expansive view ever!

After setting up camp we started up the fire and heated up our pre-made meals. I went on Pinterest to find easy dinner meals. We were in charge of dinner and had loaded fries (or tots) and foil wrapped meals followed by s’mores with Reese’s. If you haven’t done this then GET ON IT! It’s a game changer.

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The next day I woke up super early thanks to my dog and caught the most gorgeous pink, orange and ethereal sunrise ever. I had the entire beach to myself and had left my phone at camp and it’s one of my favorite memories to think back on. We heated up a campfire breakfast prepared by our friends and spent the morning playing in the water, walking around the exposed dunes and down the beach.

That afternoon we packed up and went downtown to walk the boardwalk, around the lighthouses and get a view of Ocean Shores. If you’re hungry you need to stop into Aloha Alabama for savory BBQ twists and a dog friendly patio. We also grabbed ice cream at Pickaroon Pelican.


We had a few more photos and videos on the GoPro but due to a hard drive crash they’re currently unavailable. Thank goodness for Instagram!


Once we got home from our overnight trip, we noticed when we got home that Argo’s paws were raw and sore from the hot sandy beach so we tried Vaseline and taping a sock to keep him from licking it off. Just a heads up if your pup has sensitive paws!






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**This trip was late July 2017**

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