How To Tell If You’re Acting Like An Amateur Or A Pro

Are you acting like an amateur or are you acting like a pro?

Oh, yessss, it’s time for some tough love. Tough self love that will put you on the track to some insane self-improvement.

But only if you take action. 

As an entrepreneur it can be easy to fall into the idea that your ‘schedule’ is extremely flexible or non-existent.

As a work-from-home professional it can be easy to believe you can do whatever you want with your time and still be paid.


Sure. You could do that. If your goal is to 1) Lose your job or 2) Never move forward from where you’re at.

You’ve read the articles about what successful people do every day.

You know that if you don’t dedicate one hour toward cardio each morning then you must not be dedicated to your health.

You’re slapped by a vegan-cruelty-free-grass-fed hand that you didn’t eat enough sustainable, ethically grown organic food.

You’ve felt the guilt of balancing an 80 hour work week with enough fun retreats.


There’s so many things we are supposed to be doing in and outside of the office/the gym/the home that we get overwhelmed and end up not doing a thing.

How can we start small and grow big? How can we create that discipline to be the person who ROCKS at working from home instead of the person who COULD NEVER work from home?

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What are you doing daily?

What time are you waking up? Are you snoozing? Do you drink coffee before a workout or after? Analyze your daily habits step by literal step and see what gets in your way.

For years, a phone calendar was not something that worked for me. I preferred a paper planner. But then I started telecommuting and Google calendars were a lifesaver when adjusting to other pros in other timezones.

Now my calendar is filled with blocked out chunks of time to guard my schedule from any other commitments. Since my Discovery Session calendar is linked to my personal calendar, blocking out time is VITAL!

I also treat every weekday as a workday. I start at 9 am which might be earlier or later depending on the day but I know I have my mornings to myself.

Yes, I know my times are all in military time. It makes communicating with my husband a lot easier and I’ve just gotten in the habit! Cringe if you’d like, it’s all good. 🙂

0600-0615: Wake Up

0630-0800: Walk my dog and workout

0800-0900: Breakfast and shower

0900-1700: Work

I know if I don’t start my mornings like this that I won’t do it the rest of the day. There’s nothing worse to me than cranking out work all day only to wrap up and know I still have to put in 100 percent to a workout instead of winding down.

I know this can be tricky for people who never have the same schedule every day but ensuring you have ‘white space’ or work time for a couple hours a day gives you a blank space to fill with whatever you need.

At the very least I encourage you to map out each week at a time! When you know what to expect you will be less stressed.

As humans consistency and order are needed.

We are creatures of habits. Good habits, bad habits…they will always be there. It’s up to us to decide if we want to be filled with the good or the bad.

It’s YOUR choice.

Here are Six Fundamental Human Needs

I also have certain days marked out for certain things. I have a blog that is published every Tuesday. I block out time to write those posts on Thursdays. I try to avoid meetings or calls on Fridays. What works best for you? What patterns do you usually find yourself repeating on your most successful and unsuccessful weeks? Face those then create solutions to overcome them. 

Amateurs think they’re fine where they’re at.

Professionals know their time is invaluable.


What are you changing?

As you’re looking at what should change or what should stay the same actually list them out. With pencil to paper or copy/pasting on your desktop. Here’s my challenge to you…

Get it on one page.

One page of what your actual commitments are. If it doesn’t fall in your top three, can you pay someone else to do it? Can you ask for help? Can you outsource or place more/less of a focus on it?

What are you committed to every day? What are you committed to every week?

Maybe that’s meals. Can you get them delivered to your car or house for efficiency?

Maybe that’s the home. Can you hire a maid once a week or once a month for a deep clean? Hire a lawn service to take care of the outside while you tackle the inside?

If you’re a stay at home mom, the answer is probably your kids. So what’s your second focus? Yourself, I hope!

If you’re a construction worker or plumber going out on last minute jobs, your life can look a bit chaotic. If you get that call that you don’t have to go to the job site today, what CAN you get done to feel accomplished instead of calling it all a wash and sitting on the couch doing nothing?

There is always a solution to every problem. Everything is figureoutable. 

Amateurs think they know it all.

Professionals know there’s always something to learn and room to improve.

What’s the theme?

If it rains, is it pouring?

No. Stop complaining.

There are days when I am hurt and can’t work out. Where I know my body needs rest instead of forcing it to wake up with the sun.

There are interrupted schedules with client deadlines, personal trips or emergencies.

That is the beauty and flexibility of knowing I will have time to get it all done and what I wanted as an entrepreneur. I respect the fact that I get to work from home with freedom and flexibility frequently used in my vocabulary.

I don’t take for granted or mooch off the fact I can walk downstairs for lunch or adjust my work to my husband’s schedule. This is what I wanted and I STILL get to do what I love.

You should always place work before play. How else would you enjoy the hell out of playtime without feeling guilty?

Amateurs do what they want, when they want.

Professionals do what needs to be done; like it or not.

What are the fundamentals?

Cut out the crap.

Yuck. Or Yikes. Or Yuck and Yikes! 

What is holding you back? Money? Time? Resources? People?


Figure it out then clean house.

If your business requires certain funds or equipment start doing what you need to do to get those so you can transition into doing what you want to do.

Get your legalities figured out. Reach out to people who can teach, mentor and help you. Do the research and stay grounded in reality while playing with the creative ideas bouncing around in your head. That’s what these people did and now their dreams are launched.

You have to start somewhere. It doesn’t need to be pretty, clean or perfect but it needs to be out there. People need to know what you are up to. They need to know you exist and this is what you’re doing. You can only edit an essay that’s been written; you can’t edit one that doesn’t exist. (ahhhh so wise, wise one.) 

You’re either committed to being a professional or you’re not. Be honest with yourself.

Prove it to yourself every day.

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Do I expect to have everything done in one day? No. Don’t expect instant gratification (with anything, really). 

Do I practice what I preach perfectly? Absolutely not. But I repeat to myself that THIS is who I am and I’m going to keep showing up for myself, my business and my goals. No matter what.

But I find great pride in the fact that I show up every day and keep myself focused.

I’ve seen it pay off bit by bit and I know it will all add up to something wilder than I ever dreamed.




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Marin Davis Founder and Owner of Local Collaborative

All You Need Is Less

I’ve slowly been renovating my website. This usually starts with revamping the copy and then moving more in depth as I get into it.

While updating the main page, I came across a phrase I fell in love with.

All You Need Is Less.

When first starting this branding and marketing agency I knew I wanted to focus on a local business feel, a collaborative effort, starting from simple roots and providing endless potential. Like my tagline in the cover video here.


While working with small business owners I have noticed they are all seeking to start from the basics (usually designing a logo, putting out convertable content on a regular basis and/or building a website.)

I also see quite a few mental obstacles several entrepreneurs aren’t ready to face. Maybe they’re scared the products are too expensive (Spoiler Alert: Local Collaborative is more affordable than a majority of your subscription services!) or there’s a fear of commitment to sharing log-in info or having someone else’s vision navigate what you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into building.

So they attempt to go at it themselves. Because it seems simple enough, right?

Then what happens…

Things happen. Life happens. Business occupies all of your time and social media is the last thing you should be focusing on (NO, NO, NO!! Please share everything about your business online! People LOVE BTS of who and what they’re buying!)


Similar to when I am on a run, I continually repeat You Can Slow Down But You CANNOT Stop. Would it be great to post 3-5x a week for your audience? Yes, that’s why you bring in help to make that happen. Is it more necessary to put out one post a week to let them know your doors are still open?


-You can slow down but you can’t stop.-


Your track record, so far, of making it through bad days is 100%. You have so far overcome or learned from every problem or issue that’s arose. Remember how many times you’ve been in that position and had that feeling? You’ve done it before. You can do it again. You can slow down but you cannot stop getting in front of your audience, serving them with massive value and putting yourself out there like all of your competitors are.

Make a goal RIGHT NOW to post at least once a week. Anything. A video, a photo, a client testimony or a helpful tip. If people aren’t seeing your posts or hearing from you then they don’t know you’re still in business and they will never refer or buy from you.

Check out our portfolio for the results and insane transformations businesses (like yours) experience with simple efforts.




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My Favorite Takeaways from Rachel Hollis

After reading the extremely hyped-up book Girl, Wash Your Face and a recent feature in Success magazine, it’s easy to tell why everyone fan-girls over Rachel Hollis. With her new book, Girl, Stop Apologizing out now I wanted to come back to some of my favorite takeaways.

Whether you’ve read them or not, here are some great pick-me-ups for you today and to share with your friends!


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Rachel Hollis Girl, Wash Your Face Chapter 3

“In order to be loved I felt like I needed to produce or achieve something as a kid. I’m always reminded of something bigger I could be doing. Prove my worth in career and personal life.”

I FELT this. I grew up always playing sports, competing in 4-H, putting myself out there and getting used to some kind of activity that had an outcome of an award to be won. Now in the ‘real world’ there aren’t always awards to be won, titles to be earned or end goal in mind. You’re either satisfied or unsatisfied with what you’ve done.

Rachel Hollis Girl, Wash Your Face Chapter 4

“Imagine what you would have missed if you had just showed up for yourself.”

Accountability comes from love. Judgement comes from hate, jealousy, etc.
The Number One thing women crave is friends.There’s that need for connection, belonging and networking. Yet we struggle with how to make friends, keep friends and/or find friends.
Going off that, a different quote I saw online said:

“If you look for outside validation to feed you, you will always be hungry.”

You’re not the only one who feels guilt, regret or the only person who has gone through something. Every day you’re setting expectations for yourself.


Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.

This includes the bad reviews. The gossip. The comments. Never hold other’s opinions over your own. Comparing those opinions of someone 100% not invested in you and your company to creating something from your heart and something you hope finds recognition.

If you’re doing this as a gift. you can’t make others like it. I have a majority of friends and family who don’t read, interact or like my stuff. That can’t make me stop working.

A mean review can’t make you a bad writer, restaurant owner or wood builder. You have to care more about what you’re putting out there than how it will be received.


Being Told No. “No is only an answer if you accept it.”

I had big dreams and plans. I thought I would work in top-notch advertising agencies or marketing firms with awesome clients and work my way up.

What was my reality? I was crying with what felt like a sense of relief paired with feeling like a failure. I had six months of zero income and was questioned about things I felt guilty on doing for myself. After 12 months of being ‘in business’ people are still saying comments about how I’m getting this off the ground and if I want a job they can help out.

It’s not always about talent, skill, money or connections.

“My dreams are not something for someone else to manage. No means slow down.”

– Rachel Hollis

Even if slowing down means you need to change course to reach your destination, even though I don’t know what that is, that’s okay. It’s not happening TO you; it’s FOR you.

You need to decide to stop giving up.

Decide to stop believing the excuses you’re making.

If Rachel had been told her book would never sell, she never would have been a best-selling author. Just because someone is listed as a ‘professional’ in their field doesn’t mean their words are life or death. Nothing that lasts comes quickly. No legacy is based on any one moment.


The things you think are difficult are someone else’s dream. The chaos you want is something others are wishing for. Babysitting, kids, move, changing, scary, hard, overwhelming. You name it. Find something to rejuvenate you and your love for what your life is.


At the end of Girl, Wash Your Face they have a Q&A section that I particularly loved.

When you look at your goals and where you want to be in the next 5-10 years, ask yourself ‘Who am I? Where am I? Where do I want to go?’

Is your current schedule reflecting that?

I always get asked how I’m able to work from home but this is what I want to do. For my job environment, for our schedule, for our future.

My health and fitness, get that same attention every morning because that’s important in my goals.

I want my own money and career and success so I make sure I put in a certain of hours for my clients and for my own brand.

I based hourly off of what I want income to be and my annual income goal shows me how many clients I need to bring in through brands and services. This is how I keep myself accountable.

It’s easy for me to get s*** done when I am extremely clear on what I am doing. I want to be a great wife, a great friend and a great mom and boss in the future so when I work hard during the day I know I can close the office door feeling accomplished. When that happens, I can 100% enjoy cooking, playing with my dog, spending time with my husband and enjoying things I love doing with people I love doing them with.


I hope a few of these rambling thoughts and spin-offs are something you’re able to look for in your everyday life. I hope you wash your face, stop apologizing and put your own passions above other’s opinions of you.

And I wish you luck!




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How To Own Your Business Before It Owns You (And What You’re Doing Illegally On Facebook)

What’s your name?

Ok, now go buy

Even if you’re unsure of what you want to do, in what industry or what to call it. The number one way to own your business is to create, manage and improve your sites and systems. You cannot improve or evaluate something that isn’t happening.

The countdown is on: March 31st is the LAST DAY this year we’re offering 50% off of our Branding and Positioning Strategy. Even if you’re curious, unsure or have a few questions, let’s talk!

I can’t tell you how many people come to us looking for one solution and end up realizing where all of the gaps in their business actually are. This isn’t your fault that you’ve missed this…sometimes you just need someone with an outside eye to help out. You might not even be aware some solutions existed.

Opportunities are problems in search of solutions-Denis Waitley

The FIrst challenge is…

Figuring out what you need and why. Like social media and website pages for instance. You either ‘think you need it’ or ‘think you don’t.’ But this isn’t about YOU. This is about your clients and potential clients. Where do they go to read reviews? Where do they go to view your portfolio? Where do they go to book a call or service with you?

Then there’s the days you find all of your eggs in one basket…and the basket was tossed around in the trunk of an off-roading pickup.

If one site were to crash how else do you stay in contact with your friends? You should always have a website and then one or two of the main social media sites where your target audience hangs out.

Whether working for yourself or a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing: Arbonne, MaryKay, Senegence, Herbalife, etc.) never assume they will be around forever. They are just as susceptible to going bankrupt or shutting down as anyone else. They could get reported, blocked or shut down.


Did you know it’s actually illegal to do business on your personal facebook page? 


How many times were you added to a LipSense Facebook page only to silence notifications or stealthily sneak out a few weeks later? *Raise your hand with me.*

Using a company’s branding on your personal page or creating platforms not only drives people away from you but it’s also against Facebook Terms of Service to do business on your personal page. If the attraction of an MLM or owning your own business and freedom how are you protecting it? If you were reported or had your page taken down, what would you do? Where would you go?

How do you avoid losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build? I repeat.

  1. Create your own website. If you like the freedom, the structure and the support then establish a website page under your name or your business name.
  2. Create your own business page. Not sure what platforms your target audience is on? Not even sure who your target audience is? Luckily for you that’s what we specialize in.
  3. Own your own business. Do not depend 100% on any platform or business. If something goes down, keep your business going and serve your clientele base.


The second challenge is

Interaction. If you’re blaming the algorithm (ugh, please don’t) for not showing your content to your people then increase your MEANINGFUL interaction. Block out 10-20 minutes a day to COMMENT, READ, AND MESSAGE real life people.

Avoid mindlessly going through and tossing emojis but supporting someone. Make it a goal to interact with 10 people while you’re online during your Netflix shows. Business and Pleasure.

Treat your social media as if it were a Spotify playlist. The more people see you post, like it, interact and comment, it will help boost you.


A man’s glove should show what he has done not what he hasn’t.
(I do not own the rights to this photo)

The THIRD challenge is

…One I’m going to toss in because you should hear it. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should or need to. If it feels overwhelming or tedious, hire someone to help. Hire someone better, faster or smarter than you. What can you outsource in your business and in your home?

What is important for you to focus on? What are the things you want to be known for? What do you want to be really freaking good at?

Chase those. Focus on those. Protect your business. You’re obviously doing something that you’re passionate about for one reason or another so OWN IT.




The countdown is on: March 31st is the LAST DAY this year we’re offering 50% off of our Branding and Positioning Strategy. Even if you’re curious, unsure or have a few questions, let’s talk!

Day Trip: Paradise and Mt. Rainier

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If you’re familiar with Washington, you’re familiar with Mount Rainier
This stunning beauty is iconic whether you’re seeing it from I-5, on the  daily dog walk in my neighborhood, at the end of the parade field on Fort Lewis or visiting for the weekend. 

One of the many views of Rainier. This one from Madigan Hospital on Fort Lewis.

While my all-time favorite trip was hiking our way through the Olympic Peninsula, this is a close second.

Paradise is about 5,400 feet on the south slope of Mount Rainier in Mount Rainier National Park. This area includes Paradise Valley, Paradise Glacier (which is the source of the Paradise River), meadows, wildflowers, wildlife and much more.

I enjoyed the visitor’s center as well as how accessible the area is for all modes of transportation and ages of people. This was one of the most crowded, busiest places we had explored which made it feel very touristy instead of a sweet escape into wilderness but the further up you hiked, the more desolate it was. The only possible frustration here would be parking. There are several lots and roadside options (which we chose to do) so be prepared to drive around a bit and take the first spot you see if you don’t mind a small pre-hike warm up! 

Besides a fantastic view one of my favorite things about being on top of a mountain is the wind that silences out any other noise, the feeling of being on top of the world and the change of scenery as you climb from concrete parking lots to grassy meadows to sandy outlooks and rocky peaks. 

Paradise is so appropriately named because of this. Our friends were able to see a bear, deer and beautiful fall colors. Check out her Instagram and these photos she took! 

On August 20, 2017 we hiked halfway up Mount Rainier yesterday and agreed it was one of the MOST beautiful place we’ve been. To get there you’ll need a National Park Pass (free for military) or $30 per vehicle (includes all passengers, good for seven consecutive days.) You will get a map but follow signs for Paradise Road. The Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center is the busiest visitor center and is open year round. Next door is the Paradise Inn. Enjoy the views on the way in!

This area of Mount Rainier National Park is basically a glacier-covered volcano but it’s also home to the park’s most popular trails. We opted for the longest of the three options known as  Skyline Trail: 5.5 miles RT, 1700 feet elevation gain. 

View of Mt. Rainier through Paradise on the way down. 

While we didn’t see bears or deer we did see enough marmots they could consider renaming the mountain. Despite the endless warnings not to step on the grass there were still visitors climbing over to mess around. Hike Guides would consistently reprimand them and hikers coming down from the summit were passing us on the way down. After climbing the initial two miles you’ll get to Panorama Point which gives you an amazing view and an outhouse style toilet available to visitors (hilarious for jokes.)

As we kept climbing we wove in and out of grooved rock formations, gravel pathways, large rock navigation, snow and a few creative jumps across frozen creeks to maneuver where we wanted. We stopped a few hundred feet from where people were changing for the base camps to summit. In a matter of hours we had started in a sunny, hot August day and ended in a near-freezing winter wonderland. It’s the coolest experience! 

The end of Skyline Trail on Mount Rainier

Where was your favorite place to visit in the PNW? Leave it below in the comments and make sure to add Paradise to your next trip.



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