All You Need Is Less

I've slowly been renovating my website. This usually starts with revamping the copy and then moving more in depth as I get into it. While updating the main page, I came across a phrase I fell in love with. All You Need Is Less. When first starting this branding and marketing agency I knew I … Continue reading All You Need Is Less

The Evolution of Employed vs. Employee

I've held many jobs over my lifetime. I've always had an urge and a drive to be doing something productive and never turned down a job or opportunity to earn money. I've babysat and nannied, I was a lifeguard, a waitress, a secretary, a warehouse worker, a food stand worker at Chiefs and Royals games, … Continue reading The Evolution of Employed vs. Employee

1) A false belief or 2) A BS excuse

*Feel free to share* I went to our local farmer’s market this weekend and while we walked around purchasing random products and speaking to the owners, I noticed how they presented themselves and their tables. One lady was head down, sitting, playing on her phone.📲 Another was standing up, energetically talking to every customer approaching … Continue reading 1) A false belief or 2) A BS excuse

Argue like you’re right. Listen like you’re wrong.

What you have to say, what you think and what you are doing are valuable and you deserve to be heard. Don't be shot down or apologize every time someone disagrees or tries to silence you. Tell them to hold on a second and argue like you're right....then listen like you're wrong. So how do you make sure a lesson sinks in?