Rainbow Falls//First Hike With Our Dog

In April 2016 we adopted a German Shepherd/Saluki/Mutt mix from Iran with a cute face, floppy ears and a super soft coat. We named him Argo (like the movie with Iran & America.) On June 22, 2018 he turned THREE! Yes, this is a little crazy but if you knew him you would agree this … Continue reading Rainbow Falls//First Hike With Our Dog

A Lot-a-Bit or A Little-Bit

My aunt won a contest the other day by sharing her quick-and-easy business advice "Stay in your lane and pay others to do what you don't want to know or deal with."   It's like when you're driving in traffic (Hey, Seattle) and turning down the radio so you can focus on the streets and … Continue reading A Lot-a-Bit or A Little-Bit


This was a post written February 27, 2018 that started this entire journey. It is referenced in this blog so I wanted to share. I have adjusted some of the wording and thoughts since then. Enjoy…   “She stood in the storm & when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” -Elizabeth … Continue reading Storm’s-a-Brewin’!