Rainbow Falls//First Hike With Our Dog

In April 2016 we adopted a German Shepherd/Saluki/Mutt mix from Iran with a cute face, floppy ears and a super soft coat. We named him Argo (like the movie with Iran & America.) On June 22, 2018 he turned THREE! Yes, this is a little crazy but if you knew him you would agree this is a miracle. (A reminder to get good identifying photos of your pet in case they are ever lost.)

We knew we wanted to bring him on hikes with us but you’ve got to find ones where dogs are allowed. We also use a harness instead of a leash so it doesn’t pull on his neck.

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We hiked Rainbow Falls State Park on May 28, 2016 and found it on the Washington Trails Association Trailblazer App. If you’re near the Puget Sound looking for a quick day hike, horse trail, camping or a softball field then check this out. It was overcast so I don’t know what views you could see but the trail would have been well-shaded. Parking was also easy to find and a Discover Pass is required.

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This trail was short and sweet at three miles roundtrip. It was well-maintained with a few trees and obstacles to navigate but ended with an awesome “waterfall” aka raging river.

There were several birds but no sign of wildlife. The trees and nature in this area was fun to look at and comparable to more well-known areas we had visited before. This won’t be difficult but it also won’t have a HUGE payoff except for some enjoyable exercise and easy-to-explore outdoors.

We were able to climb around on the rocks and get near the water. Most people were looking around but a few were fishing.

Overall I think this is a good hike for visiting family, children and dogs. If you’re wanting to get away this was also a nearby location with a city down the road and basic amenities near your site.




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Who I’ve Dropped & You Should, Too

Have you ever done something scary, exciting or new?

And you tell someone about your big plan.

And they….shoot it down? They cringe. They suck air between their teeth and start saying all the things that could possibly go wrong.


You start believing how much of that could go wrong.

You probably should stay in the safe job instead of going out on your own.

Actually don’t go the same route your friend is because what if one of you makes it?

OR BOTH of you make it?



It’s incredible what a simple question mark can do to your esteem.

As a kid I grew up watching my high school dance team perform and was enthralled by the precision, the lipstick and the awards they won. I saved every team poster, I watched every one of their routines, I just knew I was going to be one of them.

When I reached eighth grade, I was the only girl in my grade to sign up for tryouts.

Each day of tryouts, I walked from the middle school to the high school by myself. I walked in knowing no one. I stood quietly, I was freaking out, I learned the routine then it came up that you had to group up for tryouts.

I almost started bawling because everyone had their groups.

Then two upperclassmen vets came up and invited me to dance with them.

I’m pretty sure I did start crying (WOW, GREAT START TO HIGH SCHOOL, MARIN!) I ended up making the team as an only freshman, made the team every year working my way through officer positions until I was Captain and had opportunities for award-winning seasons, debuting the new Kaufman stadium, working with choreographers and met the most talented dancers I’ve ever known. Out of all of that, I only hope I gave some of the girls the encouragement that Fay and Sarah gave me in the very beginning.


If that stood out to me at 14, then WHY, over 10 years later, did I let the words of others make me upset? Worse…why was I making up people’s insults in my own worried head?

I am extremely lucky to have the best tribe of supportive, encouraging people who see more in my capabilities than I do. I’m not just saying that in the generic thank you post on Facebook ‘I couldn’t do this without your support’ way. But I truly hear nothing but 98.7% encouraging comments from these people and it’s amazing what happens when you look back into you circle at them.


What you should do is listen to feedback. Take that in. Grow with it. DON’T THINK that you know it all or are always in the right (sorry, ego). But when you are talked down to, harshly criticized, pushed out or ignored, turn in to your circle. When you’re fired, dumped, discouraged or cussed out, turn in to your circle.

If you have no one like that to go to, turn to me.

Turn to someone.

Find a new circle. Or pieces to that circle.


I have two examples of this from people who

One is a friend I’ve known since elementary school. She’s (quite literally) pulled me out of some messy times. She sets me straight and builds me up. She reality checks me and cheers for me in times I’m sure aren’t always easy. She sent me a text today that said “Focus on what you have right now and enjoy this. This is what you want to do and I think it’s amazing. I love this so much!” Here I am on hour twelve of powering through this because, yeah, I do really love this.

The other friend is someone remarkable I met recently through the Army. We’re both spouses so it’s a regular occurrence that we see each other more than our husbands. When you can’t talk to them for months on end, you can turn to someone who is going through the same thing. Thousands of miles away from anyone else they call family. They turn into who you celebrate birthdays, holidays and emergencies with. This awesome lady knew nothing about me and when something tough hit…she was one of the loudest cheerleaders there. I am blown away by the kindness and her ability to point out attributes I didn’t think she had a clue of knowing from our friendship.


Imagine what you could do if you did everything they said about you?

These responses from them were at the point of what could have been the easiest point to drop every goal I had set up in my plan.

Note: When you make plans, I’m pretty sure God laughs and says ‘Hold My Beer.’

Does he drink beer? Can I say that on the holiest week of the year?

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time around (Jim Rohn). Throw in the ambitious go-getter who is always one step ahead, the fun friend you can take a break with, the critic that toughens you up, the empathetic one you can vent to and the one who will always challenge an area you want to grow in.

If you have people who talk poorly about you in front of or behind your back, throw ’em out. (Especially if you’re over the age of 21. I mean, c’mon…)

If you have a lazy significant other who discourages you from completing an achievement, verbal or not. BOY, BYEEE. (This should happen ASAP, no matter the age.)

If one of these people is your family members or someone you can’t ‘get rid of’ then have a serious conversation or insert the restriction of time and space you need. Do not let their fear of failure make you a fearful person as well.



You protect yourself, your time, your health, your relationships and you control who you surround yourself with. You are better than that and I can see that in you.

Get over the fear of letting them go because people that insecure or small won’t leave that big of a piece missing. They don’t have any kind of power or say over you. Not your worth, not your potential, not your past, not your future.

Take some confidence in the fact there are hundreds of people out there giving you a standing ovation and applauding at the top of their lungs.

You just have to tell those–Rated PG– loud-mouth party poopers to sit down.


Cheers to that!


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Let’s Talk.

A Lot-a-Bit or A Little-Bit

“Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do._

My aunt won a contest the other day by sharing her quick-and-easy business advice “Stay in your lane and pay others to do what you don’t want to know or deal with.”


It’s like when you’re driving in traffic (Hey, Seattle) and turning down the radio so you can focus on the streets and directions. It sounds funny because turning down what we are hearing helps us with what we are seeing. It’s the loss of one sense that heightens another. There are several reports on why we do this but it boils down to the need to cut through the distractions and focus on road ahead.


Your entire life you are asked ‘What do you want to be/do/study?’ If you were my little cousin you would have answered a firefighting dog, a license plate or a duck washer all by age seven. Her answer at age eight should be just as entertaining.

Throughout high school and early college I was interested in the medical field. I started out as a Biology/Pre-Med student with the aspiration to go into dermatology. By sophomore year I wanted to pursue nutrition or dietetics. By the end of sophomore year, I realized I was interested in learning a variety of topics (noisy distractions) but the reality of doing one thing for a career just didn’t appeal to me. My friends were the ones to suggest Public Relations and Communications because of my personality and strengths and it was the balance I needed. I could focus and enhance what I was good at instead of beating myself up over what I just wasn’t loving.

Let me say here: I believe you should have a working knowledge or basic understanding of everything. You should always be learning, questioning, leading and exploring.

It took cutting through the distractions of so many options to focus on my road ahead. PR landed me an internship with Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year, Bailey Lauerman. I was introduced to an office where everyone collaborated on projects based on their strengths and were paired up for the best client outcome. I had access to the most creative copywriters, web designers, creative art directors and mentors.

We were all able to meet up, delegate tasks and then focus on what we were good at.

Instead of me taking 4 hours to learn how to master Photoshop and come out with a meh-designed piece, my co-worker had multiple, beautiful examples ready to go and we worked together on adjusting them to reach the ‘vision’. I was able to take my saved time and put it toward other killer work so we all won.

(Sidenote: This was my favorite job experience EVER if you can’t tell. If you get the chance, go work for them!)

Another Example: To me, taxes are the epitome of necessary-but-annoying adulting responsibility. Last year my husband and I went through a professional to file for us as an introduction to W2+1099=Filing Jointly world. We thought this would establish a great template for us to just do it ourselves next time.

Next time came around and after a weekend hermited inside, going through papers, files, missed deductions and faulty communication that can only lead to not-nice arguments with your spouse plus several digits more of a payout….we agreed to invest in our sanity and have a pro handle taxes from here on out.


For the tax guy, this stuff comes naturally. He gets it. To my aunt, she wants to focus on her work and it’s worth her time and money to pay others to take care of business. The working couple with five kids prefer to spend their time outside of work with their family so hiring house cleaners and yard work just makes sense.


Welcome to working in your Zone of Genius, a concept that came to life when Gay Hendricks published ‘The Big Leap.‘ I first heard about this from an interview with Sara Davison and Boss Babe Academy (Listen to the Masterclass here.)

If you’ve gotten this far you’re obviously a good reader (CONGRATS!) so I won’t repeat everything but there are Four Zones in which we can operate: Incompetence, Competence, Excellence and Genius.


As entrepreneurs you wear many different hats so this can be easy to scoff at. Those scoffing will soon fail as they worked: by themselves. Those that are most successful in their work realize what and when to pass some tasks off. No one ever got to where they are alone. 

You’ve heard “You can know a lot about a little or a little about a lot.”

People also say it isn’t WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.

I see it as this. It’s not a matter of “I’m not capable of doing this” but “My energy is best spent here and I’m capable of noticing that.”

It’s not “How many things can I know?” but “WHO do I know that can do this for me and do it well?” People can only get by on surface-level knowledge of knowing a little about a lot for so long. I feel I’m most succesful when I have a network of people who know a lot about a little. Imagine how productive you’d be if everyone could work in their zones.


It might be intimidating to label your Zone of Genius or scary to outsource but when you realize you are investing in services to give you back your time, what you end up gaining is far more valuable.

I want to know: What have you realized is better to outsource or take care of yourself?




PS: Know someone who would like to focus on their craft and let us cut through the distractions of their marketing?  Let’s work together.


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Marin took this photo in Fall 2017 near Astoria, Oregon. This is the Peter Iredale Shipwreck, Ft. Stevens Historical Area.

This was a post written February 27 that started this entire journey. It is referenced in this blog so I wanted to share. I have adjusted some of the wording and thoughts since then. Enjoy…


“She stood in the storm & when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” -Elizabeth Edwards. #stormsabrewin

What an awesome point in my life I’m at right now; personally and professionally. Acknowledging and identifying what is good or right for me. Being able to meet, connect and help others. To leave everyone a little bit happier than you found them. To do a job well done without the need to be praised but, instead, to feel good about your work and solid in your value.

You can only control your thoughts, your actions, your reactions and be proud of the way you handled them. Don’t react harshly because you’re not a harsh person. You are or are not going to do something because that IS or that ISN’T the type of person YOU are. This is still something I am working on but it makes you feel good. It’s what some might call forgiveness and it’s what others call selfish. What would someone like you call it?

Today I was presented an opportunity that’s been on my mind for years. Things I am passionate about or worried about blindsided me in a matter of 30 minutes.

What could have been seen as a significant loss I viewed as a MAJOR opportunity.

The same day I was listening to “Uninvited”, a Christian book about the enemy facing you with rejection. NOPE! Not today! I weirdly felt a complete sense of peace and clarity that I have yet to have experienced until now. The kind of aha moment that makes you laugh out loud.

I cannot wait to share my adventure with you! I’ve been wanting, wishing and hoping for too long; it’s just time to do it. Take a leap. Beat the imposter syndrome (Which I talk more about here.) I hope you’ll support me as we do this. ❤️ (what a great day, huh?!)




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Why Local Collaborative?

marin profileHey, I’m Marin! I’m named after a county in California but I was born and raised in a small Kansas town. As in we still don’t have stoplights and I went to school in a cornfield, y’all. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Mass Communications (Focus in Public Relations) from the greatest school on Earth (Kansas State University) where I met my husband.

His career as an Army officer takes us across the country. We have a love for adventuring new places, hiking the most beautiful trails and searching for a new favorite beer all while loving on our Iranian rescue pup, Argo.

There are several challenges as a Military Wife but finding and maintaining a career is toward the top of the list. After some jobs left me feeling unfulfilled, underutilized, under-paid, and held back, I finally felt it’s time to fearlessly pursue a creative, fulfilling career. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

I am forever grateful that I’ve been consistently working my entire life. The variety of jobs I’ve held have taught me lessons to keep me humbled and well-rounded, allowing me to better serve my future clients and career. I’ve had several unique opportunities and experiences to apply to my work and have been encouraged for my creative ideas, innovative promotion strategy and eye for design. Paired with those skills, I have implemented public relations, advertising, marketing, communications, customer service and sales to provide a fresh eye and challenging approach to business.

I’m inspired by the thought of bringing you a collaborative marketing approach from your most enthusiastic local entrepreneurs. People I have worked with and trust from multiple industries. I believe in authenticity, I value transparency, I accept feedback and I expect a growth mindset from those I partner with. I strongly believe you can have fun while being professional. I believe you can be modern and rustic at the same time. I believe sandwiches should be hot, drinks should be cold and notes should be handwritten. I believe you should stand firm in your beliefs with an open mind.

I’m excited for what’s to come and I appreciate you being here. Let’s go have some fun!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton