If you’re not willing to be embarrassed by it, you don’t deserve it.

Spouses. Work. Dreams. Goals. Money. Publications.

If you’re not willing to be embarrassed in your pursuit of something then BYE you probably don’t deserve it.

We’ve all been through that super awkward middle school phase, right? Some more than others. My hand is raised a little higher on that one.


I ran track and one of the events I tried was hurdles which is basically asking for the ego of anyone to be taken down a notch. Yet the best athletes are televised and they might accidentally travel, pass to the opposing team or get tongue-tied on their interview. But they’re still playing and practicing for 6+ figure salaries.

Actors and actresses get turned down daily and have some pretty demanding scenes that require vulnerability, sometimes in front of a live audience, but they brush it off and continue to work on films that will leave a legacy years after you’re gone.

We see business women, life coaches, personal trainers or friends creating personal brands on Instagram and offering themselves up for the most terrifying form of criticism: their peers.


But, as one of my favorite mantras  featured at the top here reminds us…

“Well done is better than well said.” -Benjamin Franklin

It’s been called failing forward, fall down seven stand up eight, get knocked down but I get up again, risk it for the biscuit….you get the picture. There is a reason that every interview, graduation speech, mentor and leader repeats the same thing over and over.

Try something before you discredit the fact you can’t even attempt it.

Post the dang photo…who cares what people say!

If you need some tough love then GET OVER YOURSELF and realize there are literally billions of people every single day who are more popular, more intelligent and harder working than you are. That’s why the word ‘growth’ exists.

If you want to write a book, start writing. Start a blog to get noticed and published. I’ll read it.

If you want to be a chef, take a cooking class. Post your beautifully plated mac and cheese on Instagram. I’ll like it.

If you want to be the next Rent The Runway or Poo-Pourri founder (I listened to both of their interviews today. Their success and income is no joke even if the company can be funny) then get out and surround yourself by the networks online and in person. Take a class. Start doing something.


I face embarrassment daily and (surprise) most of it has been in my own head. Apparently it’s something others weren’t even noticing.

Embarrassment each time I write about being viewed as a ‘blogger’ or ‘oversharing’ but I have yet to actually hear that. I actually have friends and family who share what I write, it’s generated business leads and I’ve received messages of appreciation from readers. Absolutely worth it.

Embarrassment of wanting to have achieved much more than I have at this point but I am praised for areas I’ve stepped up and they don’t notice I’ve even ‘fallen short.’

Embarrassment of (currently) bringing in the lowest income I have in years but I’ve felt the most confident, ethical and passionate about what I am doing right now. I’ve got a big vision and have been extremely clear on what direction I want to go. I have saved enough, and spend wisely enough, that we can continue living our lifestyle without being dependent on me receiving more money from an outside source.



In entrepreneurship, business, parenting, just LIFE you HAVE to be willing to take a pay cut, receive publicity, gamble with risks and possibly have the odds stacked against you.

Do it. Get it done. Start somewhere and follow up with the next best choice. It’s never too early to start and it’s never too late to start. Chase your idea. Just freaking do something.

Break the thinking that everything will work out perfectly. Nope, you’re going to get embarrassed and scared. Times will get tough, people will surprise you, you’ll experience burnout. Keep on, goin’.

If you ever give up or avoid doing something ‘for fear of ENTER EXCUSE HERE’ then yeah, you’re right, you don’t deserve it. When I say it I mean the wealth, prosperity, success, publications, opportunities or any other abundant thing that moves you from where you’re out to where you want to be.

It will be way more embarrassing to never try or stay put than it will be to give it a shot.

Remember when you wished for the things you have now?


Lastly, let’s leave with a little sass because who doesn’t need a little fun now and then? If you ever find someone trying to belittle or diminish what you’re trying to do then cut them out, real quick. Your actions will be guided by your thoughts and if your thoughts are based in fear of embarrassment you’re screwing yourself over due to someone who has no impact in your life. Do your thing and let them watch. Let them read what you’re writing. Let them stay curious about where you’re headed and where you’re going. Be encouraged by how far you’ve already come.

I think it’s motivating to read other people’s success stories because there is so much room for everyone! Please share yours in the comments for me to read.




PS: Welcome to June! Want to take the edge off your next big, scary, exciting, possibly embarrassing step? Let’s talk.

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Relax. You’re Not An Imposter.


Even as you’re reading this I know there will be at least five people who will speak poorly of this. How do I come up with five?

Because four of them told me so (All men boys. All on social media.) I’m throwing the fifth in for good measure.

Starting a business is nerve wracking and exciting. Wondering if people will support it is intimidating. None of this is debilitating.


But who cares? This is something I love doing for me and if someone believes not ‘liking’ a post will hinder the improvement they are too afraid to branch out and work for themselves….then who cares? They say they don’t like it or don’t support it but they’re still taking the time out of their day to pay attention. They’re still watching.


They’re learning from you. They’re watching for your success or failure to gain some knowledge. You are playing the game they want a part in. If you win, they will celebrate. If you lose, they’ll say of course. Keep entertaining them, keep teaching them, keep giving them something they’re finding value in. You’re leading the way. You’re getting things started. You are encouraging and inspiring them. (You is kind, you is important.)


If you’re thinking of going for something but you’re worried about what others will think (We’re human. This is inevitable.) Relax. They are too worried about themselves to pay attention to you.

If you’re going back to the gym, relax. They’re (really) not watching you, they’re focused on their own improvement.

If you’re writing something that makes you vulnerable, relax. They’re not nearly as worried about what you’re saying as they are in themselves.


The fear of being thought of as a fraud is known as Impostor Syndrome. “A concept describing individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and have a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud.”


The sentence that begins with “Who am I to…Do This. Become This. Say This. Pursue This.”

Who am I to give people advice on their marketing and branding and earn money for it? Well. I’m an outside perspective. Your business is your entire life and you’re engulfed in it. You might not be able to see the challenges or changes that are even possible to be made. I spend hours researching, preparing, creating, writing and working for these clients and my time focused on them is valuable enough to be compensated for. If I weren’t providing something I believed was valuable or helpful enough I wouldn’t do this for a living.

Who am I to write a book? I don’t have an interesting story.

Who am I to write a blog? There are millions out there who have blogs.

Who am I to coach someone? I’m not enough of an expert. You will never will be.

If you think you’re incapable, you are. If you think you’re boring, you are. If you think you’re doing something wrong, you are.

If you think you’re charging too much, you’re demeaning your value. If I have a new $20 bill, how much is that worth? If I take that bill and crumple it, spit on it, step on it, how much is it worth now? It’s still a $20 bill.


You can lower your value or you can believe you’re worth it, no matter how much others try to lower your value. Don’t you dare let people who are too afraid of you succeeding stop you from being courageous.


Relax. Stay on your path and they will continue on theirs.




PS: Have we worked together?

“I read your reviews and I want to work with you.”  I value all the feedback I can get and I’m going to do everything I can to earn your five-star review.

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Marin took this photo in Fall 2017 near Astoria, Oregon. This is the Peter Iredale Shipwreck, Ft. Stevens Historical Area.

This was a post written February 27 that started this entire journey. It is referenced in this blog so I wanted to share. I have adjusted some of the wording and thoughts since then. Enjoy…


“She stood in the storm & when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” -Elizabeth Edwards. #stormsabrewin

What an awesome point in my life I’m at right now; personally and professionally. Acknowledging and identifying what is good or right for me. Being able to meet, connect and help others. To leave everyone a little bit happier than you found them. To do a job well done without the need to be praised but, instead, to feel good about your work and solid in your value.

You can only control your thoughts, your actions, your reactions and be proud of the way you handled them. Don’t react harshly because you’re not a harsh person. You are or are not going to do something because that IS or that ISN’T the type of person YOU are. This is still something I am working on but it makes you feel good. It’s what some might call forgiveness and it’s what others call selfish. What would someone like you call it?

Today I was presented an opportunity that’s been on my mind for years. Things I am passionate about or worried about blindsided me in a matter of 30 minutes.

What could have been seen as a significant loss I viewed as a MAJOR opportunity.

The same day I was listening to “Uninvited”, a Christian book about the enemy facing you with rejection. NOPE! Not today! I weirdly felt a complete sense of peace and clarity that I have yet to have experienced until now. The kind of aha moment that makes you laugh out loud.

I cannot wait to share my adventure with you! I’ve been wanting, wishing and hoping for too long; it’s just time to do it. Take a leap. Beat the imposter syndrome (Which I talk more about here.) I hope you’ll support me as we do this. ❤️ (what a great day, huh?!)




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