How To Tell If You’re Acting Like An Amateur Or A Pro

Are you acting like an amateur or are you acting like a pro?

Oh, yessss, it’s time for some tough love. Tough self love that will put you on the track to some insane self-improvement.

But only if you take action. 

As an entrepreneur it can be easy to fall into the idea that your ‘schedule’ is extremely flexible or non-existent.

As a work-from-home professional it can be easy to believe you can do whatever you want with your time and still be paid.


Sure. You could do that. If your goal is to 1) Lose your job or 2) Never move forward from where you’re at.

You’ve read the articles about what successful people do every day.

You know that if you don’t dedicate one hour toward cardio each morning then you must not be dedicated to your health.

You’re slapped by a vegan-cruelty-free-grass-fed hand that you didn’t eat enough sustainable, ethically grown organic food.

You’ve felt the guilt of balancing an 80 hour work week with enough fun retreats.


There’s so many things we are supposed to be doing in and outside of the office/the gym/the home that we get overwhelmed and end up not doing a thing.

How can we start small and grow big? How can we create that discipline to be the person who ROCKS at working from home instead of the person who COULD NEVER work from home?

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What are you doing daily?

What time are you waking up? Are you snoozing? Do you drink coffee before a workout or after? Analyze your daily habits step by literal step and see what gets in your way.

For years, a phone calendar was not something that worked for me. I preferred a paper planner. But then I started telecommuting and Google calendars were a lifesaver when adjusting to other pros in other timezones.

Now my calendar is filled with blocked out chunks of time to guard my schedule from any other commitments. Since my Discovery Session calendar is linked to my personal calendar, blocking out time is VITAL!

I also treat every weekday as a workday. I start at 9 am which might be earlier or later depending on the day but I know I have my mornings to myself.

Yes, I know my times are all in military time. It makes communicating with my husband a lot easier and I’ve just gotten in the habit! Cringe if you’d like, it’s all good. 🙂

0600-0615: Wake Up

0630-0800: Walk my dog and workout

0800-0900: Breakfast and shower

0900-1700: Work

I know if I don’t start my mornings like this that I won’t do it the rest of the day. There’s nothing worse to me than cranking out work all day only to wrap up and know I still have to put in 100 percent to a workout instead of winding down.

I know this can be tricky for people who never have the same schedule every day but ensuring you have ‘white space’ or work time for a couple hours a day gives you a blank space to fill with whatever you need.

At the very least I encourage you to map out each week at a time! When you know what to expect you will be less stressed.

As humans consistency and order are needed.

We are creatures of habits. Good habits, bad habits…they will always be there. It’s up to us to decide if we want to be filled with the good or the bad.

It’s YOUR choice.

Here are Six Fundamental Human Needs

I also have certain days marked out for certain things. I have a blog that is published every Tuesday. I block out time to write those posts on Thursdays. I try to avoid meetings or calls on Fridays. What works best for you? What patterns do you usually find yourself repeating on your most successful and unsuccessful weeks? Face those then create solutions to overcome them. 

Amateurs think they’re fine where they’re at.

Professionals know their time is invaluable.


What are you changing?

As you’re looking at what should change or what should stay the same actually list them out. With pencil to paper or copy/pasting on your desktop. Here’s my challenge to you…

Get it on one page.

One page of what your actual commitments are. If it doesn’t fall in your top three, can you pay someone else to do it? Can you ask for help? Can you outsource or place more/less of a focus on it?

What are you committed to every day? What are you committed to every week?

Maybe that’s meals. Can you get them delivered to your car or house for efficiency?

Maybe that’s the home. Can you hire a maid once a week or once a month for a deep clean? Hire a lawn service to take care of the outside while you tackle the inside?

If you’re a stay at home mom, the answer is probably your kids. So what’s your second focus? Yourself, I hope!

If you’re a construction worker or plumber going out on last minute jobs, your life can look a bit chaotic. If you get that call that you don’t have to go to the job site today, what CAN you get done to feel accomplished instead of calling it all a wash and sitting on the couch doing nothing?

There is always a solution to every problem. Everything is figureoutable. 

Amateurs think they know it all.

Professionals know there’s always something to learn and room to improve.

What’s the theme?

If it rains, is it pouring?

No. Stop complaining.

There are days when I am hurt and can’t work out. Where I know my body needs rest instead of forcing it to wake up with the sun.

There are interrupted schedules with client deadlines, personal trips or emergencies.

That is the beauty and flexibility of knowing I will have time to get it all done and what I wanted as an entrepreneur. I respect the fact that I get to work from home with freedom and flexibility frequently used in my vocabulary.

I don’t take for granted or mooch off the fact I can walk downstairs for lunch or adjust my work to my husband’s schedule. This is what I wanted and I STILL get to do what I love.

You should always place work before play. How else would you enjoy the hell out of playtime without feeling guilty?

Amateurs do what they want, when they want.

Professionals do what needs to be done; like it or not.

What are the fundamentals?

Cut out the crap.

Yuck. Or Yikes. Or Yuck and Yikes! 

What is holding you back? Money? Time? Resources? People?


Figure it out then clean house.

If your business requires certain funds or equipment start doing what you need to do to get those so you can transition into doing what you want to do.

Get your legalities figured out. Reach out to people who can teach, mentor and help you. Do the research and stay grounded in reality while playing with the creative ideas bouncing around in your head. That’s what these people did and now their dreams are launched.

You have to start somewhere. It doesn’t need to be pretty, clean or perfect but it needs to be out there. People need to know what you are up to. They need to know you exist and this is what you’re doing. You can only edit an essay that’s been written; you can’t edit one that doesn’t exist. (ahhhh so wise, wise one.) 

You’re either committed to being a professional or you’re not. Be honest with yourself.

Prove it to yourself every day.

*I’ve got a post coming up on what you can do for free vs. what you should pay for. Subscribe on the right and, until then, feel free to search my blog and website!



Do I expect to have everything done in one day? No. Don’t expect instant gratification (with anything, really). 

Do I practice what I preach perfectly? Absolutely not. But I repeat to myself that THIS is who I am and I’m going to keep showing up for myself, my business and my goals. No matter what.

But I find great pride in the fact that I show up every day and keep myself focused.

I’ve seen it pay off bit by bit and I know it will all add up to something wilder than I ever dreamed.




Looking for help writing blogs? Want ideas for creating content? Need to revamp your website’s copy?

Lucky for you, that’s something we do! Start here. 


Marin Davis Founder and Owner of Local Collaborative

It’s Not The Leap of Faith That Scared Me. It’s The Landing.

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We’ve all shared that feeling of being at your lowest of lows. When you can’t seem to do anything right, nothing fits, you’re in a bad mood, you’re secluded and isolated and the deafening combination of noise and silence is all that surrounds you.

Which makes the highest of highs even sweeter.

I’m talking you don’t know what to do next because you are so overwhelmed with joy. you get a phone call, a text, an email…and you just sit back to stare out the window, hands clasped and repeat ‘Thank you, GOD, for this!’


So I also know the last thing you want to do when you’re in a low is hear about someone else’s high point. If you want to bookmark this and come back later, no offense taken. But I am such a believer in finding the positive out of the sh**iest day (YOU.ARE.ALIVE! YOU ARE BREATHING!) that I hope you will stick with me and know that my DM’s are always open for you to slide in and talk to me.


I look back at the girl I was as a young adult/teen and it amazes me how ‘fearless’ I was. I tried out for everything I could, I interviewed for every job, I applied for every scholarship…you name it I was probably there.

It was never taking that leap of faith into the unkown that scared me.

It was trying to figure out how or where I would land. 


I wasn’t worried about having to dance or sing or speak in front of others. No, not at all. In fact I was known for usually impromptu-ing the entire thing.

It was when the results came in that I felt the sense of embarrassment or excitement that usually comes from a performance or interaction.


Let’s take dance for instance since I am currently figuring out yet another foot injury. (I promise I am a 25-year-old with 80-year-old bones.) 

I learned the technique, the movement and how to land. I memorized the entire routine and big picture in my mind and all it took was a few bad falls to land sideways and roll my ankle HARD to make me timid of approaching it again. Babying an injury that usually resolves with I.C.E. Then, once you’ve cured the issue, you head back out for your next ‘first time’ and you’re fine doing things full out.

This was quite literally a leap but I understand we all have similar experiences. You ever have those dreams where you’re flying or jumping on a huge trampoline and you just keep going and going like Superman pushing the atmosphere into outer space?

And it’s an amazing, euphoric feeling to FLY!

But then you realize you are a human….and you aren’t built for flying.

Cue your stomach dropping and that sick feeling deep in your gut trying to figure out the next move. How will I keep going? How will I land? Uh oh, going back down better figure this out quickly.


In both of these experiences I was most scared about the landing. Getting height on your leap or knowing you can fly are some of the best feelings. Only when you are up as high as you can go do you realize how much you can see around you. You can see the big picture, every person you love, the good, the bad, the ugly, maybe even a glimpse at the future. But you have to take the action and make the jump to see that.

You’ll never know if you never try.


I find it ironic that the thing I was most scared about–aka falling on the ground, landing on my face, breaking something— was the one thing holding me up. The foundation I was standing on, the thing that holds up multi-story structures, protects us from elements and storms, literally grows and re-grows living things…and I was concerned it would let me down???

How selfish.

I love this quote.

if you think

Your foundation is your faith. Your discipline. Your family and friends and support network.

You are standing on the ground without literally ever questioning how else you will walk, not afraid of falling in (except city grates those things I avoid at all costs) it’s as natural as breathing and you’re telling me you’re more powerful than that?


As we approach the one year mark of starting Local Collaborative, I am reminded of the fearlessness and determination I felt when setting my site to live and publicizing my new venture. The chain of events leading up to the launch were extremely evident and on my mind daily. When the opportunity arose to find another work opportunity or create something I wholeheartedly believed in; I chose to chase after what set my soul on fire.

I know a lot of things I want out of life and I’m intimidated by declaring a ‘purpose’ but I do know had I settled yet again for being taken advantage of, smothering my creativity, following mundane tasks that led nowhere quickly…I would also be headed no where quickly.


I had no clue that I would go months without replacing my income and I am still nowhere close! But I’m fine. We’re fine. I feel no stress. I would be doing this for free if I didn’t want to contribute to my family’s income and time is my currency. I love collaborating instead of closed-off delegation and the flexibility this allows me is exactly what our lifestyle requires.

I often think about if I were given the chance to go change something in my past or take a glimpse of my future…I would probably go change something in the past. If nothing else but to guide that fearless but lost and insecure girl. I find so much of the payoff and surprise of the unknown takes you back to your roots, your gut instinct and trusting the foundation you’ve built for yourself thus far.


A challenge is inevitable but defeat is optional. Even if you ‘lose’ you will gain a lesson.

Don’t worry about how big that leap of faith is. In fact, I hope you take it and soon! No matter how, the ground will always be there to catch you.




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Three Year Anniversary (11.07.2015) Paper, Cotton and Leather

You know those moments when you know “Oh yeah, this is going to be big. This is one of those moments” and do everything you can to remember every little detail?

It may have been a first kiss. It may have been a major moment in history you witnessed. It may have been when you saw a shooting star.

I have a few of those myself but three main ones come to mind:

  1. Swimming solo in the Mediterranean
  2.  The day Drew proposed
  3. The day we were married


November 7, 2015 I married my best friend, my better half and my rock.

Three years ago we did not take a honeymoon but have made every weekend, every holiday and every single day an adventure. Words always fall short when I try to describe the type of person my husband is or why I love him but it has always been made clear we were created, raised and meant for each other.

He makes me laugh. Every day.

He makes me smile. Every day.

He makes me work harder. Every day.

He encourages me. Every day.

“Love is not about how many days, months or years you have been together. Love is about how much you love each other every single day.”



In traditional anniversary gift-giving Year One is Paper.

It’s believed that paper is the traditional symbol for the first anniversary because it signifies writing the blank pages of a new chapter in life. It also is a fragile material which represents the delicate state of a new marriage.

From the moment we were engaged I started keeping a journal of our year-long engagement. I wrote about how difficult it was being away from each other, how exciting it was to book our venue, how sweet it was to countdown to the rest of our life.

I wrote my vows in that journal and each year on our anniversary I will pull it back out and write to him/us. The papers of this journal are completely blank. They’re stark white, empty, blank; ready to be marked with the thoughts and milestones of a couple that will never be in that same stage again. If we had lines, we would be guided. If we had prompts we would be influenced.

But the pages are blank.

Only we decide what goes in them, what we never want to forget and we can focus on exactly what is best for us.


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu

One Year Anniversary. Photo by Liz Rudman.

One Year Anniversary. Photo by Liz Rudman.

For more One Year Anniversary pictures by the insanely talented Liz Rudman, check this out! You can check out the location of the shoot here



Year Two is Cotton

The traditional gift for a second wedding anniversary is cotton. It symbolizes the need for a marriage to remain strong and be able to adapt to changes. The significance of the ‘gifts’ to symbolically mark the years of your relationship is not lost on me. As more time passes the material of the gifts grow more durable and valuable.

On our wedding day we opted to symbolize our unity by tying (literally) a fisherman’s knot with two golden ropes. This has remained untouched since our wedding day and the knot: solid.

During our cross-country move the end of one of the ropes was broken up a bit. The three strands that made up the rope separated but did not fray. It stopped midway up the rope without touching the knot. While I have yet to fix that, I could glue it. But that doesn’t take away the fact it was ever broken. It experienced a tribulation, a slight trauma but it still stuck together. It was held by the solid knot, surrounded by everything meant to protect it. If I were to glue it, it might look a bit better physically but that doesn’t erase what had happened.


Our second year brought challenges. Oh yes, it did! Job changes and promotions. My car was totaled by a drunk driver going the wrong way on I-5. Medical and health issues. Petty fights together and big relationship changes with others. There were sacrifices as individuals, there were sacrifices by family. I brought the gift of efficiency, attention to detail and small daily gestures to ease the stress of his job. He brought humor to tragedy, tight hugs when I could only cry and he lead us through several tough, challenging decisions.

Cotton can show up in many forms. It blends with other fabrics, it adapts to it’s environment and is known for holding strong in any condition. The higher quality it is created with, the longer it will last.


“Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.” Simone Signoret




Year Three is Leather

The traditional 3-year anniversary gift is leather, which is symbolic of the marriage reaching a stage of flexible durability. The modern third anniversary gift is crystal (or glass), which has a special beauty, yet is still fragile—again, both significant representations of a maturing marriage.

I feel like this is going to be my favorite stage. We have reached a mutual understanding of expectations.

He updates me on his schedule and what to expect and I’ve relaxed (a little) that we don’t have to clean, do laundry…plan..or cook…etc. the same way 😉 He wants to have a relaxed day on the couch watching football without doing anything and I want to get out of the house and go do things. We compromise and do both.

We understand that good intentions are better than having done nothing at all. We understand the type of people we want to be, the type of people we want to be around or avoid and the type of people we want to raise in the future should we be so lucky.

Our wedding song was “When You Got A Good Thing” by Lady A and listening to that brings back the memories and lyrics that we hold dear to our hearts. We never forget that we do have a good thing! A GREAT thing. A unique thing.

It has always been Us and We not You and Me. We understand every decision we make is for us. Not for family. Not for friends. Not for work. Not for selfish reasons.

But what is best for US. Our favorite thing to do is enjoy every little thing around us, living in the moment, understanding how fortunate we are. We love to try new places and beers, eat new food then make fun of how it was too fancy over french fries. We love having friends and family in our home and we love being alone with the dog.

We choose to trust and love each other every day.

We choose to always kiss goodbye in the morning and say I love you every day.

We choose happiness and to laugh instead of taking each other too seriously.

We choose each other, over everything and everyone else, every day. 


 11.07.2015. Photo by The Grays Photography.


Cheers to Three Years! 



And if you’d like to watch our wedding video click here


“Lord knows we’ve had our bad days
And more than once we’ve disagreed
But you’ve always been a friend to me.
And there’s times I’d rather kill you
Than listen to your honesty
But you’ve always been a friend to me.”

-Garth Brooks, A Friend To Me




How To: Be Content With Content (Free Guide Included!)

Personal brands, business brands, start-ups…there’s a lot that goes into creating a business. You want to do something that you love and earn compensation that reflects the work you put in.

You’ve set up the bank account, you’ve followed legalities, you’ve branded your company and purchased the materials needed to get going.

Let’s tell people about it!


Oh, but it’s just sharing a few photos and updates with a touch of humerous mishaps, right?

Eh….not so much.

You want to tell people about what you’re doing but it’s important to tell the right people, on the right channels, the right way. And the field of communications was born…


You don’t get fitter by just buying the gym equipment you have to use it!

You don’t get instantly prosperous by doing a one-time marketing session or class. You don’t get traffic or customers by just posting about it once and carrying on, hoping everyone will remember you’re selling ____ . Communication is a multi-platform, full-time job.

So you have the social media accounts but now what?


If you can, pick up some help. If you’re maximizing your resources, you should be BUSY and you’ll need to focus on doing the part of the business that you love. This can be difficult for many business owners because it’s usually something with your hands or that requires all of your attention.

Once you’re done working, you want to spend your time doing…well…what YOU want to do.

One of your goals in starting your own business was being in charge of your schedule.

So why are you letting it run you over?


I’ve seen waayyyy too many people fall just short of taking advantage of their communications strategy. Their competition, who are focusing on their communication and content strategy ALWAYS COME OUT ON TOP.


Creating content that converts…not just gets Likes


Will you let me help you?

Whether you want to be a top dog or you just want to play the game, I want to help you reach your goals. I created this content guide I’m about to share and had it in my marketplace ready to sell but knew the same people who weren’t paying for content strategy before wouldn’t now. So I made it an added bonus.

Is it worth something? Absolutely. The hours I spent on this could have been spent elsewhere.

But I believe this is valuable enough for you that it will just take putting in to action to see results. If you feel the urge to reciprocate, leaving a review, sending a referral or inquiring about working together would be fantastic. I am here to help whoever I can, whenever I can.


I would love to hear suggestions on what else you want to see and learn about. Please leave them in the comments below and don’t forget to share this on your social media pages!


Without further ado…

Here is your guide How To: Be Content with Content. Click the link to download!

(It is a downloadable document and will also be available on my website Products page here.)




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The Benefits of Collaborating

Why did I choose Local Collaborative?
In short, my vision for a marketing and branding firm is a business that provides the service you’d experience at a local small business with talented individuals I’ve met across the nation. I loved the word ‘collaborate’ because of it’s meaning.
1. work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.
“he collaborated with a distinguished painter on the designs”

synonyms: co-operate, join forces, team up, band together, work together, participate, combine, ally; More

pool resources, put —— heads together
     “they collaborated on the project”
I’ve had several unique opportunities and experiences to apply to my work and have been encouraged for my creative ideas, innovative promotion strategy and eye for design.
I’m inspired by the thought of bringing you a collaborative marketing approach from your most enthusiastic local entrepreneurs. People I have worked with and trust from multiple industries.
Together, we’ve been collaborating with companies of all types and sizes to achieve what we weren’t capable of doing on our own.
Shameless Plug: If you were wanting to take advantage of my FREE consultation and 75% Discount on your Branding + Positioning Strategy, you have until May 31st! Stop waiting to see what your potential is.
Collaboration occurs when two or more people or organizations work together to realize or achieve a goal. Collaboration is very similar to cooperation. What are the benefits of collaborating on your work? Well to name a few…
1) Sharing is caring. You’re not only cross-pollinating audiences and referral networks but you’re also sharing resources. This speeds up your efficiency and maximizes your budget.
2) The Bigger The Why. Just like you have the choice of pairing up with someone for your marketing and branding strategy, you also have the opportunity to find someone who aligns with your purpose and values. Your point of contact should be asking in-depth questions, show curiosity for learning more about your field and be as invested in your future success as you are. AND VICE VERSA.
3) It’s Complimentary. You’re probably familiar with collaborations between celebrities and popular brands on social media. You can do something similar with public figures or other companies that are similar or complimentary to yours. This is a strong marketing tactic because Word-of-Mouth is your greatest form of advertising. People trust other people they know, like and trust. These partnerships strengthen credibility, influence, retention and value.
Sound like something you’re interested in? Let’s figure out how we can collaborate on something awesome.
I’m excited for what’s to come and I appreciate you being here. Let’s go have some fun!





PS: Would you or someone you know like to join my team? Reach out, I’d love to talk!

Which Came First: The Content or The Branding?

It’s difficult to decide what to do first when debuting your company: A logo to put on your page or content to start generating an audience?

It’s like asking ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’

Companies question what they need before going public or they don’t think they can put out content until they have everything established in a specific order.

Remember that your content decides your design. If you do not have an identity or profile for your company then you have no way of creating an image or logo that portrays your brand. The most important part of your business is what you are doing and why you are doing it.

What does your company offer?

Why are you doing what you are doing?

Who are you doing it for?

Once you lay out these answers you can work with a marketing professional to create a branding strategy that attracts your target audience. A discovery session and S.W.O.T analysis are a first step to figuring out what your strategy should look like. If you’re looking for someone who can base your brand around research-based information, please reach out.

If you want a modern, professional audience then there are colors, fonts and images that attract them. If you’re a creative brand or offer children’s products there are certain colors, fonts and images you can use for your logo and branding. Is your product or service for males or females? Is your product industrial or organic?


Once you look at your own company and your audience part of your discovery is looking at what others in your industry are doing. How can you set yourself apart? What’s a common theme across the board that helps to keep you relevant? This can be a great benchmarking tool for your business if you are in a rut.


You can test out different logos and visual designs in online prototypes to see how each performs before printing or putting it online. Content can start going out and once you publish your work you will be able to use reporting tools and built in business tracking systems to see when and where you grow the most as well as what performs the best.




PS: Only two weeks left for your own Branding+Positioning Strategy! Schedule a Discovery Session with me to establish your brand right now.

Bushel & A Peck: A Mother’s Day Letter to Mom from Your Daughters


First, thanks for bringing us into this world. Second, thanks for not taking us out of it. Even when it (probably) felt like we were bringing you down you kept raising us up to be better people every day.


You always placed us before anything work demanded of you. When we asked you to play, you jumped right in. You chose to play instead of washing dishes and we loved it. You let us put on a play, ate at our pop-up restaurant and paid me with my ‘laundry business’ with no complaints. When we asked you if we could hang up a photo, you let us cover our walls. When we yelled for you in the middle of the night after a nightmare, you came in and sat on the bed until we went back to sleep. When we asked you if we could play a sport or do an activity you signed us up. When we asked you to pick us up or help us, you came running. You didn’t discourage us from being creative or trying anything.



It’s what you did without us asking that stands out the most.

You attended every dance performance, basketball game, track meet, soccer, football, choir or performance. You woke us up, made us breakfast and watched for our bus even though you had your own full day of work to get ready for. You broke up fights, you taught us how to bake and cook, you taught us how to work outside, you taught us how to take care of ourselves and make a living.


Your humor and selflessness are some of our favorite traits. You have a light heartedness to every situation and always make us laugh. Your made-up radio game, your cursive handwriting from the tooth fairy, your fake snow prints from Santa and eating carrots like a reindeer made growing up so much fun.


You made up songs for us, you cleaned up our messes, you taught us to do as you said and not as you did (well….kinda), and you made sure we were always taken care of and comfortable. You lead us daily with your friendships, relationships and work ethic. You’ve always balanced what you needed to do and wanted to do and have guided us to figure out right and wrong for ourselves without pushing your own beliefs onto us. We never felt like work was replacing us but showed that you can do it all. We knew you were working to support us and set us up for success. You’ve raised two fiercely independent (fun, right?) hardworking, confident ladies and always affirmed us with nothing but positive thoughts. How could we ever fail when you were our biggest fan?










You’ve always been the first one we want to share news with because your reactions and excitement are the best. You’re our favorite person to play games with especially since you have such an obvious face when you’re stretching for that obvious Scattergories point.



I know you were going through a lot of the life events for the first time, same as we were. It’s difficult to give the answers that you didn’t have then. Even when you didn’t think you had it all right, we always saw your resilience.

You are also someone’s daughter, sister and aunt going through your own family issues as were we. You knew what was worth fighting for and what was better left unsaid. You saw co-workers being let go and carried their boxes to spare them the embarrassment. You’ve been caught in the worst of accusations while doing the most ethical thing. Even when you thought we didn’t see or don’t understand, we did and we do.


You guarded us from a lot of pain but you never shielded us from reality. You still make it obvious that time with us is your favorite thing to do. It means the world to be loved that much and we are so lucky to have had over 20 years with you so far.


As we enter the stage of our lives where we will become moms one day, it is scary as hell. There’s the distance and obviously it’s something we’ve never done. But you were there to teach us how to change diapers, when I needed help babysitting or when we didn’t realize babies opened their eyes so soon (oh yeah, that’s definitely kittens.) Your patience and funny voices when reading books radiated through your love for everyone. We hope to create the same traditions, establish the same support and we realize how important everything you did was.


Everything you did mattered to us and we realize how lucky we are for everything you’ve done for us. Even if we never said it, we notice it. Even if you didn’t think we did, we realized what you were doing for us. If our kids love us even half as much as we love you, it will be a win.

Someday when we’re (super) rich we might be able to repay you. Until then I hope we make you proud.


We love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.


Marin and Makaela


Podcasts I’m Loving (From Someone Who Wasn’t a Fan of Podcasts)

It almost makes me gag still. The trendy, hipster ‘podcast’ word. Thinking that they are all about politics or high-level discussions when I just want to turn off and be entertained.

My husband actually started listening to podcasts and while he enjoys those types of channels I started listening in as research for setting up different streams of income for my goals. I will listen or have it playing in the back when I am getting ready, cleaning or doing dishes. Sometimes they are nice to have going in the background while I am working. I have found several different areas that cue up on my phone and laptop through the Podcasts app in iTunes. If it’s something really insightful or helpful for my business I will take notes. Sometimes there are quotes or interviewees that I end up following or using as prompts for my own business and writing.

If you’re also hesitant about listening in, give these a try and tell me what you think. These are the current stations in my library that I have tried and still enjoy listening to. I have them listed from the order I have subscribed.


millionaire mindcast Millionaire Mindcast with Matty A.

This was the first podcast that popped up when I was researching for investments, real estate and increasing my salary. While they do revolve their conversations around real estate and team leadership, they provide that mindset that high achievers have. They consistently ask how guests define wealth, what they watch, what they listen to and provide free downloads for listeners.

bucci radio Bucci Radio

Amanda is a millennial woman who has built her empire with a start in the fitness industry. She dives into deeper topics of mindset and business and has a reputation of being very transparent, honest and informative from lessons she has learned. She asks insightful questions and plays podcast interviews that she guest-starred in so you’re introduced to new networks. I always make sure to take notes when listening to her shows and find it extremely valuable for where I am at in my personal and professional life.

boss girl creative Boss Girl Creative

Taylor Bradford shares a story many post-grads find themselves in. They have a degree but have yet to find a paying job. So she turned to the digital world of blogging and realized the potential this field held. She notes consistency is key and has proven that learning, tweaking and changing are what to get you to the top. Her ideas for creative business owners come with fun stories and tips of new things to try. If it’s something I’ve heard a million times it’s another reminder to get to doing it!

girlboss sophiaGirlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

I have read Sophia’s book, watched the show made after the book but had yet to listen to her podcast. After posting a blog, a college friend messaged me and suggested this podcast. It’s been a mix of creative work, business mindset and interviews with thoughtful questions. It has a more professional tone than her other media but her empire and success is something I admire so I continue to listen in.

marie forleoThe Marie Forleo Podcast

Is there anything Marie Forleo does that I don’t like? MMMMMM PROBABLY NOT. The lady is a total badass. She’s got the empathy and the tough love every entreprenuer needs. She hosts a great YouTube show and I’ve taken several of her classes. Her infamous B-School (and other products) is taken by thousands of women and I have networked with some professionals across the country. If you’re looking for business Q&A, high energy, top profile interviews and a little bit of goofy humor tune in.

goal diggerThe Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is a talented photographer who could create a story from her photos and relatable stories for her listeners. There are times the voice she uses can distract from her message (not trying to be shallow, just an opinion on a voice-only delivery platform!) but the content is usually spot on. Sometimes it’s a story to entertain with a Disney-like-life-message for fun and other times it’s about the adventure of being a business owner and balancing your personal life. I love her approach to marketing but if you’re a visual artist you will find her an extremely good resource.



I would love to hear about more podcasts for marketing, entrepreneurs and how to grow my wealth. If you have any podcast suggestions please add them to the comments below and I will check them out!




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