You Are Here: Savannah, GA

During our time in North Carolina we take advantage of weekends and long trips by visiting areas nearby. Perks of being on the east coast! On the top of our list was Savannah, Georgia. This top section is about our first visit which is more family-friendly. If you're looking for some additional planning tips from … Continue reading You Are Here: Savannah, GA

You Are Here: Raleigh, NC

Website development, coding, app creation, copy writing...Just some of the services we offer. Curious about how we could work together? Let's Talk. In August 2018 we moved cross-country¬†from Washington to North Carolina. While we miss the PNW we do enjoy being so close to family and all the east coast has to offer including where … Continue reading You Are Here: Raleigh, NC

Vancouver to Victoria, BC

This trip was July 19-23, 2017   Oh, Canada. We live 4.5 hours from the Canadian border. Being from the middle of the United States it was exciting to have the chance to be in another country that quickly. Drew had never been out of the country until this trip and it was time for … Continue reading Vancouver to Victoria, BC

Where To Go and What To Do in Astoria, OR

Astoria. Cool name, even cooler city in Oregon. We were interested in going to Astoria because of the rich history, filming locations, great food, craft beer and awesome pictures I kept seeing online. Our friends had camped nearby and climbed The Astoria Column a few weeks before we got to Astoria and enjoyed it. While … Continue reading Where To Go and What To Do in Astoria, OR