The Mountains Are Calling: Mount Si

Looking for someone to handle your social media? Need a guest writer? Ask about our services.  Sigh... Si what I did there?  Okay. I'm done. Mount Si (pronounced sigh) was our last big hike we did before leaving Washington. As any other Sunday we headed out on July 8, 2018 around 11 a.m. to climb a … Continue reading The Mountains Are Calling: Mount Si

Westport Beach Camping

Summers are for camping, beaches and time with your friends. If you can fit them all in the same weekend, even better! Westport is known for it's miles of sandy, public beaches, boardwalk with stores and plenty to eat and drink and a casual weekend for anyone wanting to drive out to the beach. They … Continue reading Westport Beach Camping

4 Days in Portland, OR

My husband recently achieved a lifelong dream that will kick off the rest of his career (and our next big moves!) WOOT WOOOO! He was gone for one month so when he returned the clock started ticking for our remaining time in the PNW. We wanted to take advantage of a four-day weekend and chose … Continue reading 4 Days in Portland, OR