Relax. You’re Not An Imposter.


Even as you’re reading this I know there will be at least five people who will speak poorly of this. How do I come up with five?

Because four of them told me so (All men boys. All on social media.) I’m throwing the fifth in for good measure.

Starting a business is nerve wracking and exciting. Wondering if people will support it is intimidating. None of this is debilitating.


But who cares? This is something I love doing for me and if someone believes not ‘liking’ a post will hinder the improvement they are too afraid to branch out and work for themselves….then who cares? They say they don’t like it or don’t support it but they’re still taking the time out of their day to pay attention. They’re still watching.


They’re learning from you. They’re watching for your success or failure to gain some knowledge. You are playing the game they want a part in. If you win, they will celebrate. If you lose, they’ll say of course. Keep entertaining them, keep teaching them, keep giving them something they’re finding value in. You’re leading the way. You’re getting things started. You are encouraging and inspiring them. (You is kind, you is important.)


If you’re thinking of going for something but you’re worried about what others will think (We’re human. This is inevitable.) Relax. They are too worried about themselves to pay attention to you.

If you’re going back to the gym, relax. They’re (really) not watching you, they’re focused on their own improvement.

If you’re writing something that makes you vulnerable, relax. They’re not nearly as worried about what you’re saying as they are in themselves.


The fear of being thought of as a fraud is known as Impostor Syndrome. “A concept describing individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and have a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud.”


The sentence that begins with “Who am I to…Do This. Become This. Say This. Pursue This.”

Who am I to give people advice on their marketing and branding and earn money for it? Well. I’m an outside perspective. Your business is your entire life and you’re engulfed in it. You might not be able to see the challenges or changes that are even possible to be made. I spend hours researching, preparing, creating, writing and working for these clients and my time focused on them is valuable enough to be compensated for. If I weren’t providing something I believed was valuable or helpful enough I wouldn’t do this for a living.

Who am I to write a book? I don’t have an interesting story.

Who am I to write a blog? There are millions out there who have blogs.

Who am I to coach someone? I’m not enough of an expert. You will never will be.

If you think you’re incapable, you are. If you think you’re boring, you are. If you think you’re doing something wrong, you are.

If you think you’re charging too much, you’re demeaning your value. If I have a new $20 bill, how much is that worth? If I take that bill and crumple it, spit on it, step on it, how much is it worth now? It’s still a $20 bill.


You can lower your value or you can believe you’re worth it, no matter how much others try to lower your value. Don’t you dare let people who are too afraid of you succeeding stop you from being courageous.


Relax. Stay on your path and they will continue on theirs.





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