Rainbow Falls//First Hike With Our Dog

In April 2016 we adopted a German Shepherd/Saluki/Mutt mix from Iran with a cute face, floppy ears and a super soft coat. We named him Argo (like the movie with Iran & America.) On June 22, 2018 he turned THREE! Yes, this is a little crazy but if you knew him you would agree this is a miracle. (A reminder to get good identifying photos of your pet in case they are ever lost.)

We knew we wanted to bring him on hikes with us but you’ve got to find ones where dogs are allowed. We also use a harness instead of a leash so it doesn’t pull on his neck.

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We hiked Rainbow Falls State Park on May 28, 2016 and found it on the Washington Trails Association Trailblazer App. If you’re near the Puget Sound looking for a quick day hike, horse trail, camping or a softball field then check this out. It was overcast so I don’t know what views you could see but the trail would have been well-shaded. Parking was also easy to find and a Discover Pass is required.


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This trail was short and sweet at three miles roundtrip. It was well-maintained with a few trees and obstacles to navigate but ended with an awesome “waterfall” aka raging river.

There were several birds but no sign of wildlife. The trees and nature in this area was fun to look at and comparable to more well-known areas we had visited before. This won’t be difficult but it also won’t have a HUGE payoff except for some enjoyable exercise and easy-to-explore outdoors.

We were able to climb around on the rocks and get near the water. Most people were looking around but a few were fishing.

Overall I think this is a good hike for visiting family, children and dogs. If you’re wanting to get away this was also a nearby location with a city down the road and basic amenities near your site.




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