Shannon Nicole Coaching

Shannon came to Local Collaborative with a big dream in mind: Create a women’s mindset coaching program. While she was still working her full-time job, she wanted to explore the opportunity of mindset coaching. Shannon is passionate about reaching out to women to share her story, perspective on mindset and tips, strategies and advice on how to reach your best self.

Local Collaborative took her starting point and created a Branding + Positioning Strategy for her ideal client. We created a niche target audience for her to focus on creating material for and gave her the starting point as well as future projections for all her options. It also included included a mission statement, logo, outreach strategies and her tagline:

pursue what empowers you!

Her Unique Selling Proposition (Tagline) enhanced her original branding to encompass all of her pillars and attract her audience. Local Collaborative’s goal was to have a brand that the audience would want to display and last longer than any business card. Her materials will attract and be visually appealing to attract and retrain clients; the main goal while starting out.

Since implementing, Shannon has been able to use her platform for engagement, influence and an outlet for her creative, intellectual and successful mindset placement. Her audience has become raving fans of hers and she continues to use her skills in her coaching business as well as full-time job for an influence bigger than herself.

Shannon is available for coaching, speaking and meeting opportunities. Reach out to her here.

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