Undergrad Projects & Clients

During my undergrad I had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients through Kansas State University creating campaigns, copy, designs, social media approaches and much more.

One of these courses included a summer internship with the highly awarded and recognized Bailey Lauerman Advertising Agency. My internship team and mentors allowed me to work with high-profile clients including Cuties, Mighties, Panda Express and meeting Alex Borstein as a representative for our non-profit event at the College World Series.

While these were not clients through Local Collaborative (in fact several years before we even existed) it still fueled my passion for creatively marketing businesses and gave me the strategic background to assist my clients.

You can view these accounts here.

Sedgwick County 4-H

Sedgwick County 4-H is the second-most populated county in Kansas however they were struggling with youth enrolling in their program and balancing a demanding workload.

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Local Collaborative worked with their extension agent to create graphics, marketing approaches and provide a variety of services including video edits and photography for outstanding projects. One of our main focuses was on their school enrichment programs as well as fundraising auctions and the county fair. We continually create graphics for their website, social media, printed materials and marketing approaches for different events and programs.


One of the larger projects we collaborated on was overhauling their curriculum guide and program booklet. Here are some examples of the Before and After.

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If you’re not already familiar with Local Collaborative’s passion for giving back to 4-H, please reach out here. We drop our rates for clubs, extension offices and more!

Check out all Sedgwick County has to offer at their website. 


This was a combination effort for an entire business based around an author/speaker, his events, his books, his clients and more. As a Marketing Manager at REFERCO I was tasked with numerous communications jobs. Some of the titles and sections I operated on were REFERCO, Generosity Generation, CATALYST*, Certified Referral Trainers & other programs. 

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I implemented a monthly newsletter for coaching clients, 12-month calendar for weekly coaching tasks, copy/creative writing for weekly blog & newsletter, social media management. Scheduled print, audio & visual features & scheduled webinar guests & created challenges, research, conducted surveys, established systems & campaigns, oversaw concepts, streamlined branding/design & live events. I created several channels of communication and experienced the many responsibilities of a small team. *I didn’t create/don’t own gold logo in above slideshow.*

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While working at REFERCO as a Marketing Manager I was tasked with promotion and communication of his Bestseller (7L). Maher’s book is the foundation and most popular form of referral to his live events and coaching programs. I shared testimonies, reviews and current standings in the Amazon Marketplace where (7L) is consistently ranked in the Top Row for business books. I used the material for newsletters and content posts and assisting his coaching clients among other promotions.

Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents by Michael J. Maher and Hal Elrod

While working at REFERCO, I was tasked with promotional strategy, public relations and indirect sales for The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents (MMREA). Maher used this book as the structure for his #30Mornings challenge, one of REFERCO’s most popular programs. As the Marketing Manager, I shared testimonies and reviews, monitored the rankings in Amazon’s Marketplace and shared the successes of the book. I used material from the book for newsletter and content posts, a monthly promo offer for purchase and guidance for those taking the challenge.