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Megan and I have known each other since we were kids so growing up so working together in the creative branding, marketing and graphic design world just seemed to make sense. In fact, we partnered on several of the other brands you’ll find in the portfolio before even touching each other’s companies.

“But, Marin, wouldn’t helping the competition hurt your business?”

Nope. Not worried about that. Why?

Because there are millions and billions of people out there (freelancers, small agencies, large agencies) who are more than capable of helping. But it’s WHO you can afford, who is nearest, and who you connect with.

We often reference each other for help with industry questions or collaborate on client projects. The entire Local Collaborative vision is being lived out daily because we know two creative, strategic brains are better than one.


Since Megan is a web and graphic design pro, my suggestions for logo and web design were paired with a strategic approach and I offered solutions to her biggest question: Target Audience and Brand Clarity.  

I’ve written tons of articles on these topics. You can check out the blog for posts like this and this.

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As with every Branding + Positioning Strategy, we developed (and focused heavily) on WHO Megan was serving, WHAT they wanted and WHY they were coming to her.

When you find out what potential customers are looking for, you can use the vocabulary and thoughts they use in your own copy to resonate and serve them. Ding, Ding, Ding! 

We also had some fun with that copy, letting her personality show through in her bio. This was another focus of ours since her full-time career as a racer held an entirely different persona than this feminine, creative business.

mcv target audience


Megan is located in Kansas however her #laptoplifestyle allows her to work with a variety of brands across the world. If you’re interested in working with us, schedule a FREE Discovery Session and check out her website and Instagram below.

M.C.V Website

M.C.V Instagram

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