Kellye Raymond Trial Consulting

When your client’s only desired outcome is to win, you need to find The Power Of A Winning Partnership. This is what Kellye Raymond does as a trial consultant.

Kellye possesses a rare combination in the trial and jury consulting field as she is both a licensed attorney and a consultant. We created a simple and bold logo to pair with strong and approachable colors and a clear branding strategy by leaning into her Sage archetype. 

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After remodeling her website for the first time in two years and refreshing her Facebook page, we were able to increase her social media posting, improve audience interaction, and established a consistent presence online to educate, entertain, engage and promote service to her audience. Here’s a breakdown of what that’s looked like thus far:

Before Local Collaborative:

Facebook Page Likes: 137

Average Organic Reach: 12

most recent:

Facebook Page Likes: 157 (+20), 160 followers

Average Organic Reach: 37 (Increased 209%)

The best part about Local Collaborative and Raymond Trial Consulting’s partnership was the reaction from her clients, friends, and potential speaking opportunities. She not only collected reviews and testimonies but also received speaking opportunities, new client work, and referrals or directions from previous clients. When you show up consistently, you get consistent results. Get your audience to know, like and trust you and provide them a place to send referrals. Here are just a few of the responses we received in the first quarter.

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When you work with Kellye Raymond Trial Consulting you’ll realize The Power of a Winning Partnership. Follow Kellye on Facebook and check out her website here.

Kellye chose to pay attention to her audience and show up for her potential clients. If you desire clearer communication and more meaningful content, claim your Free Discovery Session here. Talk soon!

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