Cricket’s Loft

Currently known as Crickets in the Loft, Crickets is an in-home restaurant that caters to small groups by invitation only. They are a small-town’s best-kept secret and are located south of Kansas City, Kansas. Crickets is currently on the market for new ownership and a possible owner requested a marketing plan before she bought the business and property.

I wanted to bring out the tradition, high-quality service and comfort of this hometown secret. We were inspired by the intimacy of a loft and experience of sharing great food and drinks with your closest friends. I paired sturdy fonts with masculine colors to represent the solid foundation of their reputation. This was complimented with the natural earth tones and cursive fonts for the comfort and familiarity a farmhouse in the country brings you.

I developed a complete rebranding with proposals to develop their image as attracting new clientele isn’t a current challenge they’re facing. To enhance their clientele’s experience, returning or new, I created a Client Experience System which included a customized menu adjusted in real-time and a follow-up strategy. I provided connections for renovations and real estate photography to not only enhance their image but provide quality networks, vendors and partnerships in the community.

My 12-month promotional strategy alleviated the worry of ROI for the new owner and I was requested for further research and ideas for revenue generation. I also conducted market research, collected reviews and will develop an online presence upon final purchase. *This project is still in production but the materials are being in business propositions.*

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