Brunker Land & Cattle

Brunker Land & Cattle had a strong tagline lasting with the family operation for over five generations.

“Faith. Family. Farming. Our roots run deep.”

They have their initial audience but needed to improve their online platforms for a future goal of expanding their business. We collaborated to create a cohesive brand for their family-owned farm. They had started a social media presence but were in need of a focused approach and a website.

Local Collaborative updated and created a logo, Branding + Positioning Strategy, website and re-vamping the social media approach to attract the audience they wanted for their goals. With platforms to direct their clients and buyers to they are now able to regularly update their photos, copy and content as their herd requires.

We have established a solid campaign and platform on their website, Facebook and are developing into circuits, Instagram and other platforms. While building a website that would be easy to edit and manage, I set up an email marketing campaign to thank and bring back referrals. I also set up their Google SEO to optimize chances of being seen by their target audience.

Check out to Brunker Land & Cattle at their Website or Facebook page.

(Brunker Land & Cattle debuted May 2018)

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