Kellye Raymond Trial Consulting

When your client’s only desired outcome is to win, you need to find The Power Of A Winning Partnership. This is what Kellye Raymond does as a trial consultant.

Kellye possesses a rare combination in the trial and jury consulting field as she is both a licensed attorney and a consultant. We created a simple and bold logo to pair with strong and approachable colors and a clear branding strategy. 

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After remodeling her website for the first time in two years and refreshing her Facebook page, we were able to increase her social media posting, improve audience interaction and established a consistent presence online to educate, entertain, engage and promote service to her audience. Here’s a breakdown of what that’s looked like thus far:

Before Local Collaborative:

Facebook Page Likes: 137

Average Organic Reach: 12

First Quarter:

Facebook Page Likes: 146 (+9)

Average Organic Reach: 33 (Increased 175% from last period or 21 profiles)

Second Quarter:

Facebook Page Likes: 149 (+12 from beginning, +3 from last quarter)

Average Organic Reach: 31 (Increased 158% from beginning and decreased two profiles from last quarter)


The best part about Local Collaborative and Raymond Trial Consulting’s partnership was the reaction from her clients, friends and potential speaking opportunities. She not only collected reviews and testimonies but also received speaking opportunities, new client work and referrals or direction from previous clients. When you show up consistently, you get consistent results. Get your audience to know, like and trust you and provide them a place to send referrals. Here are just a few of the responses we received in the first quarter.

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When you work with Kellye Raymond Trial Consulting you’ll realize The Power of a Winning Partnership. Follow Kellye on Facebook and check out her website here.

Kellye chose to pay attention to her audience and show up for her potential clients. If you desire clearer communication and more meaningful content, claim your Free Discovery Session here. Talk soon!

Kayla Braaten Photography

kb review

Kayla and I met when I was taking headshots for Local Collaborative (yes, the ones you see all over the website, blog and Instagram!) She is insanely talented, kind and highly sought after in our area here in NC.

While shooting she mentioned the need for a website revamp to match the quality of photos she had taken. Kayla had a unique scheme and look she was going for so we complimented the photos with a moody yet clean and fresh layout. We added an FAQ section on her website to help clientele learn more about Kayla’s business.


She previously had a Squarespace website but, after hearing from photographers and other website builders, we decided to build out a website on ShowIt. You can check out her website here!

There were a few other stats we paid close attention to and you might find it useful to check in on your own website.


January 2019 to May 2019

She had 474 Unique Visitors.

82 percent of visits are on mobile. Making sure the site was configured for both desktop and mobile is always mandatory!

While 77 percent of her clientele interact on her socialsInstagram (41) and Facebook (215) , a majority of her visits were coming from Google. This meant that the blog built into the website would showcase her best portfolio work and relevant topics Kayla wanted to speak on. The more keywords you can add on your site and content on top of linking as many pages and topics as possible the easier potential clients can find you!

website 2

Now she is able to showcase her best work, raving reviews and more!


Need a website or blog set up? Curious about the services we offer? Reach out and book a FREE Discovery Session!



Local Collaborative is so easy to work with! I was given a wealth of knowledge and so many great ideas. While I consider myself a creative person it was nice to have someone help me focus on what I want my brand to be. Dabble Instagram



Megan Creative Visionary

Megan Meyer Testimonial

Megan and I have known each other since we were kids so growing up so working together in the creative branding, marketing and graphic design world just seemed to make sense. In fact, we partnered on several of the other brands you’ll find in the portfolio before even touching each other’s companies.

“But, Marin, wouldn’t helping the competition hurt your business?”

Nope. Not worried about that. Why?

Because there are millions and billions of people out there (freelancers, small agencies, large agencies) who are more than capable of helping. But it’s WHO you can afford, who is nearest, and who you connect with.

We often reference each other for help with industry questions or collaborate on client projects. The entire Local Collaborative vision is being lived out daily because we know two creative, strategic brains are better than one.


Since Megan is a web and graphic design pro, my suggestions for logo and web design were paired with a strategic approach and I offered solutions to her biggest question: Target Audience and Brand Clarity.  

I’ve written tons of articles on these topics. You can check out the blog for posts like this and this.

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As with every Branding + Positioning Strategy, we developed (and focused heavily) on WHO Megan was serving, WHAT they wanted and WHY they were coming to her.

When you find out what potential customers are looking for, you can use the vocabulary and thoughts they use in your own copy to resonate and serve them. Ding, Ding, Ding! 

We also had some fun with that copy, letting her personality show through in her bio. This was another focus of ours since her full-time career as a racer held an entirely different persona than this feminine, creative business.

mcv target audience


Megan is located in Kansas however her #laptoplifestyle allows her to work with a variety of brands across the world. If you’re interested in working with us, schedule a FREE Discovery Session and check out her website and Instagram below.

M.C.V Website

M.C.V Instagram

Soul Purpose


Danette and I met years ago through 4-H and thanks to the assistance of the internet and our business passions, have finally been able to work together!

Danette had a blog as a side venture/hobby for a year before she decided she wanted a re-brand. We changed her name, streamlined blog topics, set her up for a future growth plan and inserted strategic approaches to approach her audience.

As many personal brands can attest, the scariest part about beginning something new is putting yourself out in front of those who know you. You get major imposter syndrome. We came up with some solutions to overcome potential issues and she has a fantastic mindset.

I created the new branding of Soul Purpose to match her main pillars, business outlook and colors and fonts to compliment her mission. While balancing a full-time job, she is in the process of converting her website and social media. I’m excited with the small daily changes and commitments she does to move the needle in her business. I can’t wait for her future business partnerships and accomplishments to come up!


While there were some issues with claiming a domain, she was finally able to purchase an available URL! You can check out her website here.