Podcasts I’m Loving (From Someone Who Wasn’t a Fan of Podcasts)

It almost makes me gag still. The trendy, hipster ‘podcast’ word. Thinking that they are all about politics or high-level discussions when I just want to turn off and be entertained.

My husband actually started listening to podcasts and while he enjoys those types of channels I started listening in as research for setting up different streams of income for my goals. I will listen or have it playing in the back when I am getting ready, cleaning or doing dishes. Sometimes they are nice to have going in the background while I am working. I have found several different areas that cue up on my phone and laptop through the Podcasts app in iTunes. If it’s something really insightful or helpful for my business I will take notes. Sometimes there are quotes or interviewees that I end up following or using as prompts for my own business and writing.

If you’re also hesitant about listening in, give these a try and tell me what you think. These are the current stations in my library that I have tried and still enjoy listening to. I have them listed from the order I have subscribed.


millionaire mindcast Millionaire Mindcast with Matty A.

This was the first podcast that popped up when I was researching for investments, real estate and increasing my salary. While they do revolve their conversations around real estate and team leadership, they provide that mindset that high achievers have. They consistently ask how guests define wealth, what they watch, what they listen to and provide free downloads for listeners.

bucci radio Bucci Radio

Amanda is a millennial woman who has built her empire with a start in the fitness industry. She dives into deeper topics of mindset and business and has a reputation of being very transparent, honest and informative from lessons she has learned. She asks insightful questions and plays podcast interviews that she guest-starred in so you’re introduced to new networks. I always make sure to take notes when listening to her shows and find it extremely valuable for where I am at in my personal and professional life.

boss girl creative Boss Girl Creative

Taylor Bradford shares a story many post-grads find themselves in. They have a degree but have yet to find a paying job. So she turned to the digital world of blogging and realized the potential this field held. She notes consistency is key and has proven that learning, tweaking and changing are what to get you to the top. Her ideas for creative business owners come with fun stories and tips of new things to try. If it’s something I’ve heard a million times it’s another reminder to get to doing it!

girlboss sophiaGirlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

I have read Sophia’s book, watched the show made after the book but had yet to listen to her podcast. After posting a blog, a college friend messaged me and suggested this podcast. It’s been a mix of creative work, business mindset and interviews with thoughtful questions. It has a more professional tone than her other media but her empire and success is something I admire so I continue to listen in.

marie forleoThe Marie Forleo Podcast

Is there anything Marie Forleo does that I don’t like? MMMMMM PROBABLY NOT. The lady is a total badass. She’s got the empathy and the tough love every entreprenuer needs. She hosts a great YouTube show and I’ve taken several of her classes. Her infamous B-School (and other products) is taken by thousands of women and I have networked with some professionals across the country. If you’re looking for business Q&A, high energy, top profile interviews and a little bit of goofy humor tune in.

goal diggerThe Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is a talented photographer who could create a story from her photos and relatable stories for her listeners. There are times the voice she uses can distract from her message (not trying to be shallow, just an opinion on a voice-only delivery platform!) but the content is usually spot on. Sometimes it’s a story to entertain with a Disney-like-life-message for fun and other times it’s about the adventure of being a business owner and balancing your personal life. I love her approach to marketing but if you’re a visual artist you will find her an extremely good resource.



I would love to hear about more podcasts for marketing, entrepreneurs and how to grow my wealth. If you have any podcast suggestions please add them to the comments below and I will check them out!




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