Part-timers, Side Hustlers, and Dreamers: This Is Your Time.

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
–Farrah Gray

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Have you ever heard of the YouEconomy?

It’s a movement in the job industry that’s disrupting (in a good way) the way we work and live. It’s the possibility of anyone working part-time, side gigs or freelancing to take ownership of where they work, who they work for or with and how they get the job done. It’s permission to take that dream you’ve always had and turn it into a business. That product launch can finally happen. You can work in your sweats, in the car, at home or in another state and not worry about calling in.

Pretty sweet, huh?


The Success Magazine article that came out in the Summer 2019 edition caught my eye because I’m a member of the YouEconomy. I’ve been a 1099, I’ve been on a payroll and while I was grateful to have experience, some freedom and a (sometimes) paying job…there was always something missing.

I always tried reaching for something more and it was up to someone else to decide if I was worth it or not. I created presentations for pay raises, was told I deserved it, then ignored and let go two weeks later. I worked my ass off for 100% commission and when the client dropped off…that was it. I wasn’t in control. 


As a military spouse, I have no control over where we live or when we move from there. I have no say in when he is home or away. I can’t get the big job opportunities or dream career I was searching for because the rest of our life didn’t allow for that to happen.

I was complaining, I was miserable, I was resentful and I was annoyed. I was in a dark place. And I wanted out.

So I adapted. I took charge. The best I could I took this idea for a work-from-home branding and marketing agency and I just started. I slowly grew my team, grew my clientele and started earning money.

I can work from my house, back in my hometown when I visit or a local coffee shop.

I can take time off to volunteer with my local 4-H clubs which is close to my heart and take family trips when we get the chance.

I can earn money without leaving my house, I can choose who I work with and I can make the decisions about running an ethical business.

I took this idea that I had and I just got started. And I love what I do. I have never been more satisfied or happy. If I fail or succeed, it’s 100 percent on me.

These were my Whys. No matter how much less money I was making, the benefits always outweighed the idea of going to work for anyone else. I felt relieved, happy and in my element.


So what about you?

If you were dreaming big what would you go do? If you currently have a business or side hustle, what’s your current hang up and how are you fixing it?

If every single person in this world had your product, service or the opportunity to work with you, what would the world look like?

I want to help small business owners, people who are my friends, to fit the thing that pays their bills into the life they enjoy living. I want everything that’s available to become your own should you be willing to work for it. I want to create that idea, make a plan, launch it and then grow it with you.

Everyone can market themselves based on price but it’s about your specific brand and unique strengths that will always win out and bring in your ideal client. Let’s form that into a solid foundation and run with it. Sound good? 

If you’ve ever thought of doing anything for yourself, there’s never been a more perfect time.

Right now you can use the strongest forms of marketing, word-of-mouth and social media, as free platforms to get your message out there.

Right now you can hire people to freelance, design, message, market or work for you because they also want to make money doing what they love on their own terms.


Any other worries or concerns you’ve had are just limiting yourself at this point. Maybe you want to make soy-free, chemical-free candles. But there are too many competitors says that nagging in your mind.

Yet any time you’re in the store, in a local shop, online, or at a farmer’s market how many stands do you see and think I could do that?

You want to freelance or consult with the knowledge you’ve gained with 20+ years in an industry but you’re worried about the transition. Maybe you think it’s your age, you’re ‘out of the game’ or you just don’t understand the tech world to do a good job.

Lucky for you there are people out there who do.

And they want to hop in that driver’s seat to watch you do your thing. And succeed. 


You don’t have to go all or nothin’ right now. You can just get it started. Maybe on the side. Maybe nights and weekends. Maybe all you want this to be is a fun way to make some cash or maybe you’ve got a five-year plan to fully transition this into a full-time gig.

It’s whatever you want to make it because it’s about YOU.

Wherever you are in this journey, you’re not too early or too late.

You’re not too inexperienced, too young or too old.

If it’s been placed in your mind, don’t you think it’s worth exploring?


Maybe refurbishing furniture won’t be the legacy that you leave behind but it might offer you more time with your kids or grandkids to leave your legacy.

There is more than one thing you were put on this Earth to do. Most of us don’t have a ‘passion’ or a hobby or an idea of our life’s work.

In a world of endless possibilities it can be hard for dreamers to settle in to one thing. 

So don’t settle. 

Wright offered a six-step strategy that I’ll paraphrase here:

  1. Story
  2. Skills
  3. Strengths
  4. Situation
  5. Social
  6. Solution

Write out everything you can think of in these categories and find out just how well you would do in the market. I’ve written multiple blogs on marketing, branding, social media, etc. that you can find by simply searching the blog for keywords or reaching out to me.


Are you ready to get in on this? Are you ready to take charge, explore and just see where the possibilities could lead?

Even if you’re curious, scared, pessimistic or optimistic about how your idea could take place, bets are we can make it happen.

Stop getting in your own way!

Let’s talk. 





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