Avoid Being A Jack(ass) Of All Trades.

Also known as the Master of None.

Usually being called a jack of all trades is meant to be a compliment for someone who can fix anything, do anything and knows a little bit about everything. This also means they’ve dabbled in many things/skills rather than focusing on becoming an expert in one thing.

Having held several jobs, I understand the badge of honor that the word ‘multi-tasker’ seems to hold with it. The idea that you can bring someone on to the team who is willing to do whatever it takes to help out. Which is absolutely the attitude you should have!

But look at the difference of busy versus business.

Unorganized versus Influential.

Doing a lot without getting a lot done.

Have you ever been employed or involved with an organization where you apply based on a resume of desired skills and expected duties then turn out to be scattered? You’re starting and putting out a lot of little fires but not focusing on the bonfire in the corner of your eye? It’s like an assignment is due in the long-term but you’re told to focus on every short-term, pressing issue keeping you from progressing?


This has not only been my experience and frustration in past positions but it’s also something entrepreneurs experience daily. We want to be a visionary as well as an integrator. We need to get a lot of things done administratively as well as creatively in our business. We want to create the product but we still need to set up the landing page and cart on the back-end of our website to sell it.

The most successful entrepreneurs understand that in order to grow and scale their business they need to expand. They need to bring in help that supports and enables the mission of the business rather than hinder it. You are stronger together and you achieve more in collaboration. (Have you seen our name? Wink-wink.)


 If the success of you or your business is based solely on you then you will never succeed as much as you’re capable of.


Maybe you noticed this in the importance of The Content Toolkit? Social media is seen as a daunting time-suck to many business owners.

What do people do when something intimidates them? They avoid it.

What do people do when a task seems so large and there’s a learning curve needed? They put it off.

And then nothing is getting done, no progress is made and the brand as well as the product fails. You cannot focus on marketing without having clarity of your brand and you cannot talk about your brand without using marketing. Your brand is who you are and your marketing is how you show up in the world. Neither works without the other.

If you can focus on what makes you happy in your business and let someone else focus on what they are good at, and enjoy doing, everyone wins. This is exactly why people reach out for help with their social media and content creation. They know they need it but they don’t have time or want to do it themselves; they’re too busy with another important aspect.


Niching down on your brand and voice will provide clarity on what you should be investing your time into and where money can be invested to help you grow. What do you absolutely need to do in business and what are you able to hand off or teach others to do?

I know, I know…your business is your baby and it’s difficult to let go of but if one person is responsible (or too egotistical) to let others aid in the business success there will be no win; regardless of any financial goals or income.

This is where the lesson I’ve been reminding myself of daily comes through.

No matter what, if you are only looking at money as a way to win, you will always lose. You will always seem poor. Money is important in the aspect it gets you what you want and gives you the tools to help you go. It’s an exchange of power and momentum to move things forward.


You have to gauge wins in crossing things off your to-do list. You win by achieving the goals of your business. Setting up a bank account. Creating an email. Publishing a product. You win by actually getting things done and you get things done when you niche down your brand and what is necessary.

You win by allowing others to improve their gifts and talents. You win by bringing people on to their team and earning a living. You win by learning from mistakes and failing. You will look back at your miniature goals and you will never forget where you started and what it took to get you where you currently are.

If you want to be an expert or successful, focus on what’s vital and hand off all other tasks to make improvement. You cannot be good at everything but you can be really great at one thing. If you want to be a large business owner, act like it. If you want to be the best in your industry, act like it.

When you win, act like you’ve been there.

Act like you’re there now.

Fake it till you make it.

And don’t be a jackass.




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