It’s Completely Normal; Everyone Does It

I’m going to tell you something that you probably heard a lot in middle school;

it’s alright, completely normal; everybody does it.

When a friend, a co-worker or an emergency presents you with a problem there is a mini flight or fight response that drives you to find a solution. It’s alright. We all do it.

When you’re in a state of discomfort or danger you find the next best solution and put your blinders on as you charge toward that until you know you’re safe. This is completely normal.


What I am talking about is searching for problems or searching for solutions.


There’s a blessing and a curse for us all that tells us to be the caretaker or the guiding light when a situation close to us requires you to find a solution. We want to give the right answer but in the hurried attempt to do so are you really providing the best answer? The permanent one? The one that’s going to stand up best to multiple scenarios?

It is just the right answer that is solving the wrong problem?


If you’re not the person providing the Devil’s advocate to a situation then I highly encourage you to find someone who will. The point of gathering a group or being inclusive or priding companies on diversity is being presented with a different answer or perspective than you would be able to bring to the table.

While listening to The Originals (I mentioned this in my last Book Club post) he brought up the fact that if you’re always looking for people to say or uncover the right thing (aka what you want to hear) then you’re not looking for what-ifs or constructive feedback/criticism. If you could unearth a genius, a negative space you didn’t realize was there, would you?

opportunities are problems in search of solutions


When you come across an issue and begin thinking of a solution, take an extra ten minutes. Take the afternoon if you can. By getting out of the urgency, you can step away from your environment completely and while working out, taking a walk, lying in bed falling asleep…you come up with something even better. If you can just give it time.

After all of your prep and this amazing moment how could anyone turn it down, right?


You very well may get turned down. You might get told to go ahead and try it. You might be completely dismissed or they might just want a few tweaks.

This isn’t a foul move on anyone’s parts but an opportunity to take it from another angle or go one step further. Look for the next best solution to the next most relevant problem. Don’t let a few setbacks or questioning eyes discourage your search to bring more ‘what-if problems’ to the table. If it’s all in the interest of doing what’s best, you’re well on your way to the best.

How long have you had to deal with standing in the problem area? Let me know in the comments.




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