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You Made It!

You're a dreamer. A risk-taker.

You deliver top-notch services to share

with people who need, want and deserve them.

But you’re also feeling overwhelmed with having to constantly show up

on social media. 


You feel like you don’t have anything to talk about and, when you do, you’re worried about annoying your audience. 


You know you need to post...but you just don’t know where to start. You need to remove the time-sucking, dreadful guesswork out of it. 


We're here to help you.

Imagine feeling confident enough in what you have to offer that you’re sharing about it every day. 
  • Now you’re excited about social media!
  • You’re only sharing intentional content that connects with the right people.
  • You feel proud of what you have to offer and you feel good talking about it.


Content Toolkit!

This downloadable package was designed with you in mind. You'll have a fillable workbook format that you can work through at your own pace. The prompts, caption-building and content creation will guide you through the process of identifying the message you want to get across and creating and sharing content faster.

The detailed resources and fillable format are built so you can open, create and schedule your content efficiently so you can get back to your business.

  • The ultimate process for creating, scheduling, posting, sharing and interacting with your audience.
  • Access resusable calendars and materials for each month, holiday and special occasion.
  • How to realize you have more to say than you think you do. PLUS, the prompts to get you there.
  • Generate fresh ideas and avoid excuses not to post.


If you download the Content Toolkit by October 18, 2019 you’ll not only receive a limited-time discount but a private 1:1 strategy session, on the phone, with me!




How do I know this?

For years, I’ve studied, tested and shared content on a variety of platforms for myself, small service-based brands and large retail brands (who are probably in your home right now). 

You can view those here.



You’re about to download a digital Content Toolkit that you can take with you anywhere, work through on your own time and customize, well, forever.


There are tons of ideas to help you stand out online.

We’re sharing several ideas, both evergreen and seasonal, to prompt your writing and showcase your brand’s personality. You’re now publishing purposeful content that will get you more than five seconds of fame.

You finally have a posting schedule. Picture a customizable calendar that you can fill up in less than a day and have copy-paste content for the entire month. Imagine sitting down and knowing what to post on the regular?

Maximize what you have with effective finishing touches.

The fill-in-the blank captions are an easy way to save limited time and valuable energy. You’ll also look like a pro using hashtags that impress, and converting social media posts to sales...and keep them comin’ back.

Provide exactly what you need to serve your growing audience.

It’s not about secrets; it’s about strategy. We’ve got researched (and experience) based tools to help you attract people who want to buy from you. You’ll finally find out which platforms are most important to focus on and how the heck to use Instagram Stories.

Imagine sitting down for a few hours and completing an entire month - or more - of all of that fantastic content, scheduling on a free platform and then sitting back to enjoy the interaction.

Was that a little grin I just saw?

If you're expecting this to increase leads to're right. 

Are you ready to save time and get back to what makes you happy?!  


Yes, Ma'am!



Do you know why social media is so powerful?


Say goodbye to extravagant, paid ads. You need consistency, authentic stories and you need to show up.

If you don’t, someone else will.


It's not just about talking to your audience; you need to build that relationship

with them.


Oh...and just a reminder...if you download the Content Toolkit by October 18, 2019 you’ll not only receive a limited-time discount but a private 1:1 strategy session, on the phone, with me!

Let’s find your brand’s voice and positioning to maximize your efforts.


It's time to get (more than) content with your content.

It’s time to beat overwhelm with one simple choice to increase engagement,

increase sales and show up consistently. 


You’ve worked too hard building your business to let it go unnoticed. 


This will work if you do and we’re going to make sure you’re working smarter--not harder.


Are you ready to book more, sell more and earn more?


Which platforms will the Content Toolkit cover? 

Glad you asked. The Content Toolkit can be applied to any social media platform, blog, email or other marketing platform. We focus on Facebook and Instagram because they’re the most influential platforms for a majority of businesses. The techniques you’ll learn are easy to take and apply anywhere. 


What other resources will I have to buy or are there free alternatives I can use? 

Thanks to the world wide web, there are multiple free-mium and paid choices for you to use! I recommend all small businesses to start with free platforms and, as they grow, they’ll see where they need to upgrade. The resources mentioned in the Content Toolkit as well as my blog will help you choose what’s best for where you’re at.

Will this work for my industry? 

Whatever you or your business is: a coach, consultant, realtor, agriculture, chiropractor, baker...ok, you get will benefit from this. Both product and service based businesses should be delivering valuable, consistent content online; it’s all important. If you’re still curious, schedule a call! 


What type of content does this cover? 

You, my determined friend, will get a little bit of everything. All written content should accompany a photo or video that you’ve created and branded. Ideas for generating quizzes, polls, open-ended questions and much more are incorporated into your plan and we will guide you through what and when you can share. *Notes on best practices for each of these will also be mentioned.*


How customizable is the Content Toolkit?

The Content Toolkit will include adlib, fill-in-the-blank, writing prompts and much more to get you started on new ideas or recreating existing material. There will be plenty of examples to best relate to your industry and, since this will be downloadable, you can print, save as, download or do whatever you’d like to continually customize your messaging. If you’d like us to do it for you, we’ve got a service for that.

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