Four Phrases I Can’t Stand

There are a few words or phrases that seem to strike a nerve in everyday speech...c'mon we've all got them... But there are a few in particular that have been standing out to me lately. I've heard them in my own speech, in my friend's words or in conversations with my family members. I see … Continue reading Four Phrases I Can’t Stand

1) A false belief or 2) A BS excuse

*Feel free to share* I went to our local farmer’s market this weekend and while we walked around purchasing random products and speaking to the owners, I noticed how they presented themselves and their tables. One lady was head down, sitting, playing on her phone.📲 Another was standing up, energetically talking to every customer approaching … Continue reading 1) A false belief or 2) A BS excuse

It’s Completely Normal; Everyone Does It

I'm going to tell you something that you probably heard a lot in middle school; it's alright, completely normal; everybody does it. When a friend, a co-worker or an emergency presents you with a problem there is a mini flight or fight response that drives you to find a solution. It's alright. We all do … Continue reading It’s Completely Normal; Everyone Does It

Argue like you’re right. Listen like you’re wrong.

What you have to say, what you think and what you are doing are valuable and you deserve to be heard. Don't be shot down or apologize every time someone disagrees or tries to silence you. Tell them to hold on a second and argue like you're right....then listen like you're wrong. So how do you make sure a lesson sinks in?