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In college, I majored in Journalism and Mass Communications. I was guided into a Public Relations degree, interned with an award-winning advertising agency and later played the role of a Marketing Manager. When it comes to mass communications and digital marketing, it’s not just the Millennials who are using social media for their benefit…all businesses should be maximizing their efforts. Every day I see people failing in this 

Social media provides a 24/7 connection at no cost to provide stories to establish connections and persuasion to sell and purchase products. While reading my latest JMC Update publication I came across some helpful, and very useful, social media statistics. The full magazine is available here but let’s look at the page I mentioned. I am going to walk you through the stats you can decide which platforms work best for your goals.

Why is this important?

  • 6 out of every 10 people in the U.S. will use social networks this year and the average person spends more than 5 years of their life on social media.
  • Businesses are hiring pros to focus on potential outreach and increase their revenues via free or low-paid services.

jmc update

  • 93 percent of Pinterest users use the platform to make purchases or plan future purchases.
    • Pinterest is best for those selling a physical or visual product. This is a great place to share your finished interior design photos, pretty cupcakes or recipes, decorated dorm room, candles and much more. If you’re an engagement, wedding, newborn or other special occasion photographer you have a huge potential to watermark and upload your photos for sharing.
    • The biggest key in any of these products is linking back to your website! If they are actively engaged and like what you’re doing but you don’t guide them back to help serve them, shame on you turning customers away. You can easily automate this through your website and a software like IFTTT. By connecting all of my initial automations, I can now see each blog with an image included shared on my board. People are saving them and reaching out for business.
    • Include plenty of keywords so you show up in searches. If you need any help with these, please let me help you!

  • 200 million people use Instagram stories per month. Plus, top brands post 4.9 times per week on Instagram.
    • I personally prefer using IG stories to Snapchat stories. You can also go live and interact to your audience, save to your highlights and directly poll your viewers.
    • If top brands are encouraged to post 1.5 times/day or about 4.9 times/week that doesn’t sound like it adds up too much, huh? I suggest researching your top demographic, scheduling or posting at the times they’re most likely active online to make the most of your engagement. By staggering times and days to test your results you will see what your audience is wanting and when.
    • Start by posting once daily in your theme and a pattern that will appear cohesive and beautiful to viewers.
    • Even if you’re a personal brand, switch to a business profile. You will see your stats live and have the potential to grow where you want to.

IG STORIES TRICK: There are a few requirements to use the See More swipe-up feature including having an IG Business account and at least 10k followers. If you have neither there are a few loopholes. Reach out if you want to learn the workaround.

  • 100 million hours of video content is watched on Facebook daily. 79 percent of American internet users are on Facebook.
    • You know how the videos on your timeline will start up without you pressing play? A majority of the time you will continue to watch the video and automatically be transferred to one similar. By going LIVE on Facebook you have the chance to engage with your audience. The best way to do this is to notify them the day before or day of so they know what to look forward to. If you have something to share immediately, the best way to be authentic is to…be authentic! Go live, don’t worry about correct grammar or the best lighting. Be as clear in your messaging and this video will live on in your network’s timeline.
    • Creating visual content that encourages people to share or prompts them to take action will expose you to new audiences. With 79 percent of users on Facebook, it’s a pillar that can (and should) be included in every social media campaign effort.
  • 67 percent of Americans report getting their news from social media.
    • No wonder this last election stirred up so much controversy. Using Facebook, Google searches or other online platforms as a news source is commonplace. If you can create news, write an article or share/create something newsworthy then you’re well on your way to fitting this niche and making yourself relevant.
    • Did you know NEWS stands for notable events weather and sports? Make stories newsworthy by including pieces after your hook and before your CTA that include recent events or happenings especially.

  • U.S. social network ad spending is expected to hit $26,007,137,644.75 in 2018.
    • The best form of advertising is word of mouth and referrals. This cuts the corner of having to achieve a know, like and trust factor with potential clients. People are well-aware of ad spending and targeted marketing when faced with certain topics or searches. To avoid being blocked, create your own posts. Look at what works well and replicate or boost for a few dollars. I wouldn’t boost a post that didn’t include a CTA asking to purchase a product or service.
    • You looking for someone to help with your ad targeting? I’ve got a girl. Let me know if you want to connect with her.

  • Posts with emoticons receive 33 percent more engagement than those without.
    • Emoticons, or emojis, offer a visual and creative way to express your message to followers. It’s the best way to reach a casual, informative, playful or expressive message. For example, Domino’s Pizza tweeted pizza emojis in the shape of a larger pizza emoji and used this to help their campaign Domino’s Pizza Anywhere.
    • Use GIFs, emojis or other fun communication to engage your audience.
  • The average internet user has 7.6 different social media accounts.
    • Sounds like a lot right? If you include your email or digital accounts and how connected you more than likely are this will add up quickly. I personally have Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter (not active), Pinterest, WordPress, and two email accounts. So this stat is fairly accurate.
    • If you’re looking for a way to reach the largest audience possible, post on every platform (automate sharing to make this easier) but pay special attention to your followers. If someone comments, comment back. Like their comments. Respond to messages or share testimonials. This is the most powerful resource you have.


You have an idea and the facts to stand behind what platform you choose to pursue. If you haven’t read my blog post on creating quality content head back over to the blog page after this.


You tired of reading about engagement and you want your own REAL results? Let’s work together.

How To: Be Content With Content (Free Guide Included!)

Personal brands, business brands, start-ups…there’s a lot that goes into creating a business. You want to do something that you love and earn compensation that reflects the work you put in.

You’ve set up the bank account, you’ve followed legalities, you’ve branded your company and purchased the materials needed to get going.

Let’s tell people about it!


Oh, but it’s just sharing a few photos and updates with a touch of humerous mishaps, right?

Eh….not so much.

You want to tell people about what you’re doing but it’s important to tell the right people, on the right channels, the right way. And the field of communications was born…


You don’t get fitter by just buying the gym equipment you have to use it!

You don’t get instantly prosperous by doing a one-time marketing session or class. You don’t get traffic or customers by just posting about it once and carrying on, hoping everyone will remember you’re selling ____ . Communication is a multi-platform, full-time job.

So you have the social media accounts but now what?


If you can, pick up some help. If you’re maximizing your resources, you should be BUSY and you’ll need to focus on doing the part of the business that you love. This can be difficult for many business owners because it’s usually something with your hands or that requires all of your attention.

Once you’re done working, you want to spend your time doing…well…what YOU want to do.

One of your goals in starting your own business was being in charge of your schedule.

So why are you letting it run you over?


I’ve seen waayyyy too many people fall just short of taking advantage of their communications strategy. Their competition, who are focusing on their communication and content strategy ALWAYS COME OUT ON TOP.


Creating content that converts…not just gets Likes


Will you let me help you?

Whether you want to be a top dog or you just want to play the game, I want to help you reach your goals. I created this content guide I’m about to share and had it in my marketplace ready to sell but knew the same people who weren’t paying for content strategy before wouldn’t now. So I made it an added bonus.

Is it worth something? Absolutely. The hours I spent on this could have been spent elsewhere.

But I believe this is valuable enough for you that it will just take putting in to action to see results. If you feel the urge to reciprocate, leaving a review, sending a referral or inquiring about working together would be fantastic. I am here to help whoever I can, whenever I can.


I would love to hear suggestions on what else you want to see and learn about. Please leave them in the comments below and don’t forget to share this on your social media pages!


Without further ado…

Here is your guide How To: Be Content with Content. Click the link to download!

(It is a downloadable document and will also be available on my website Products page here.)




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The Benefits of Collaborating

Why did I choose Local Collaborative?
In short, my vision for a marketing and branding firm is a business that provides the service you’d experience at a local small business with talented individuals I’ve met across the nation. I loved the word ‘collaborate’ because of it’s meaning.
1. work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.
“he collaborated with a distinguished painter on the designs”
synonyms: co-operate, join forces, team up, band together, work together, participate, combine, ally; More

pool resources, put —— heads together
     “they collaborated on the project”
I’ve had several unique opportunities and experiences to apply to my work and have been encouraged for my creative ideas, innovative promotion strategy and eye for design.
I’m inspired by the thought of bringing you a collaborative marketing approach from your most enthusiastic local entrepreneurs. People I have worked with and trust from multiple industries.
Together, we’ve been collaborating with companies of all types and sizes to achieve what we weren’t capable of doing on our own.
Shameless Plug: If you were wanting to take advantage of my FREE consultation and 75% Discount on your Branding + Positioning Strategy, you have until May 31st! Stop waiting to see what your potential is.
Collaboration occurs when two or more people or organizations work together to realize or achieve a goal. Collaboration is very similar to cooperation. What are the benefits of collaborating on your work? Well to name a few…
1) Sharing is caring. You’re not only cross-pollinating audiences and referral networks but you’re also sharing resources. This speeds up your efficiency and maximizes your budget.
2) The Bigger The Why. Just like you have the choice of pairing up with someone for your marketing and branding strategy, you also have the opportunity to find someone who aligns with your purpose and values. Your point of contact should be asking in-depth questions, show curiosity for learning more about your field and be as invested in your future success as you are. AND VICE VERSA.
3) It’s Complimentary. You’re probably familiar with collaborations between celebrities and popular brands on social media. You can do something similar with public figures or other companies that are similar or complimentary to yours. This is a strong marketing tactic because Word-of-Mouth is your greatest form of advertising. People trust other people they know, like and trust. These partnerships strengthen credibility, influence, retention and value.
Sound like something you’re interested in? Let’s figure out how we can collaborate on something awesome.
I’m excited for what’s to come and I appreciate you being here. Let’s go have some fun!





PS: Would you or someone you know like to join my team? Reach out, I’d love to talk!

Systems: Make it simple, Make it successful

Home visits, airplane rides, business meetings, hard drive crash, jury duty…just a few of the reasons over the last two weeks that I was grateful to have systems in place.

If you haven’t yet set up a team of pros and are taking the route of a solo-prenuer for now, this is a mandatory foundation of your business.

You may be able to head out for a planned vacation or you might have to drop everything for a last-second emergency. Is there a system for someone to take care of things in your personal and professional life?


Systems=Freedom. You have the freedom and flexibility you were looking for when branching out in your own business. The best type of system is the one that works for you and it’s the one you will use.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. – Lewis Carroll


If you’re looking to stay organized in your home, your system won’t work like someone else’s does. Their lifestyle, their environment, their schedule vs yours. This is why many people struggle in their weight loss or other goals they set.


So how do you establish a system to success? 

  1. What are you currently doing? Is there anything that is working or not working? Is there something that scares you, stresses you out or something that you would have to spend more time learning than implementing?
  2. Write it all out. Write on a separate page for each area of your business (marketing, social media, finances, business partners, newsletter, virtual team, in-person team, etc.) What is every step that needs to be taken to make these happen and who is responsible for doing them? If you can include a timeline this helps you stay accountable.

 For example, when I have a new client my system looks something like this: 

  1. Client reaches out via messenger–Send them to contact form to schedule a call and collect info (24 hours). 
  2. Receive client contact form and call. Research all needed meeting and contact information. Research client’s online presence. 
  3. 24 hours before call, send confirmation. 
  4. 10 minutes before call, setup work station (quiet, full water, notes, chargers, strong service). 
  5. During the call take all notes, ask lots of quality questions (post coming up on this soon) then schedule a time for Branding+Positioning Strategy 7-10 days out.

3. Use the F-Word. Every successful business owner has written, spoken, preached, typed and tattooed (nope, too far) this critical part of their business after each contact with your client. There should always be a clear call to action before, during and after the transaction. You should show them the value you provide, why they need it, what materials they’re responsible for providing and a due date.

4. Where to find it? If you need to leave, where can someone access these documents? Using GoogleDocs is a free and very simple way for your team to access and see real-time changes. Evernote is a helpful system to declutter and organize so your team is on the same page. Team App, Slack and other Task Management Software are helpful for your team to test and use. There is no point in creating a system if no one follows it. Every person should be held responsible for following along and improving what you put in place.

5. Make it simple, make it successful. What can be delegated? What can be automated? How can something be made more efficient? Time is your most valuable asset, don’t waste it; you can’t get any more of it. Your time is worth money and it’s worth saving or spending with your loved ones. If there’s a way you can work smarter, it’s making your system and business work harder for you. Humans have always innovated to improve their efficiency.

There is nothing attracting people to someone that’s too busy. You’re showing them you’re worn down, disorganized and ‘too busy’ for them.

My favorite sources for this are HootSuite, Buffer, IFTTT, among others. If you are looking for something specific, platforms will offer free trials.

Always be improving. You need to implement to see what works and there is always room to adjust your system. Help me out here, would you mind? Tell me about a problem you ran into and a system you implemented that helped your business. Especially when dealing with clients!




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What Kind of Brand Am I?

In the worldwide network of marketing, there are varying opinions on how many different types of brands there are. No wonder millions of companies and entrepreneurs face challenges finding their niche and target audience. In a world where it’s mandatory to be online, create content, respond to client engagement in a timely manner, be visually appealing and still run your business to earn a living, branding and marketing are the first step in figuring out a cohesive message and image to work from.


Let’s break this down to the most basic form. There are two types of brands: Personal and Company.

Personal brands are recognized by a person’s face and name. Think of YouTube’rs, Instagram’ers and fitness icons. Kayla Itsines is a great example of this with her interactions and selling her BBG programs. On a larger scale, the cycle of know, like and trust has grown to a level where people associate a name with a certain standard of quality, purpose or visual image. Think Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres or Tony Robbins. The person who represents the brand is the brand.

Does your product have your name on it? Is your service you personally coaching a client? Does your website or social media page have your name as the title? You’re probably a personal brand.


Company brands are what people imagine of when they hear ‘brand’ and they’re more familiar with the mission. They are easy to identify because they provide a service or product to the consumer. Companies like Nike, Apple, Amazon or Harley Davidson are common examples of strong company brands.

If you’re a service brand your client is buying a service from you sight unseen and sometimes without anything tangible to hold. Service brands are the most reliant on having an extremely established brand message for buyers to know, like and trust them. Their business profitability relies on best serving other people and creating raving testimonies through consistent high-quality customer care and service. Examples of a service brand are someone that provides help, repairs or provides outstanding customer service.

If you’re a product brand like many of the examples above your business is providing a product and aims to differentiate itself against other similar products. How do you make decisions on the best burger, best car seat, best razor or best water bottle? Through branding. Great examples of this are Kleenex and ChapStick. If you’re wanting a facial tissue many will ask for a Kleenex. If you’re wanting a moisturizing lip balm, you’re likely to ask someone if they have ChapStick. Establishing your product’s brand closely with your client’s values and positioning yourself as the best in the industry are the main goal of a product brand.


If you’re just starting out the best type of brand to build is a business brand because of the diversity, employment and investment opportunities. Being able to market your products or service from a business name instead of your name alleviates the pressure of selling to your personal network. It also allows your business to go on without you having to be the individual that serves someone.

For example, Diane’s Wine Tours could tell a client the best wine tours are given by Diane. Your goal should be to run a successful business that is systematized to work if you take some time off.

What did you find most helpful in figuring out the start of your brand type? Let’s hear your branding questions!



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Book Club Review + Bonus Download!

Before we begin, look to the right. If that doesn’t say you’re following the blog make sure you put your email in and I’ll send you free downloads from here on out!

Just like with my blog, I want you to have a glimpse into what inspires, motivates and teaches me.

In 2017 I started a list of my goals and accountability tracking for the year. I reached and exceeded every goal. (You can see that post on my personal page here.) Now that we’re a few months into 2018 I wanted to do an accountability check with you and give you some ideas on what’s coming up. I am going to focus on the books I’ve been reading since I see so many people asking for suggestions. I will also be adding my adventures and hikes in a separate section so keep an eye out!

Every few weeks I will share my Top Fiction and Non-Fiction books I use for improvement in my personal and professional life. I had filmed a video for this but it was too choppy and just not fitting right. Would you rather see a video or a blog post for Book Club? Please leave your recommendations below!


Read For Fun

handmaids taleThe Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood 

I really enjoyed this book but I really love the Hulu series. By the time I read this in January 2018, I had seen the advertisements for the show so it helped me visualize. It felt like I was reading something from 1900 but it’s actually set in the future. Atwood wrote so descriptively that the series is close to what I was picturing and they added on to what wasn’t mentioned in the book. Must read and watch.

thegooddaughterThe Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

I’ve really grown to love Karin Slaughter’s books. She’s a writer whose name I have actually remembered and have sought her books out. They all follow the same murder mystery genre but the twists and turns she takes you through makes it exciting. This particular book is one of her more recent and will unfortunately sound pretty familiar to what we hear about in the news these days. If you think you know what will happen, just hang in there.

pretty girls Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

See what I told you about her books? This is the most recent one that I have finished. I think it could have been taken down a little bit but it was another creepy and disturbing book that I could easily see as an episode on television. It is staged in Atlanta and surprised me with the main character. For only have three main characters she did a great job of building out a story line.

child finder The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

It was fun to find out this book was based here in the PNW but I’m just hoping it doesn’t creep me out on my next hike. The ending and the thought process Denfeld put into each of her characters was with every intent and purpose for a great story. I loved how she told you the backstory, the current story and the happy ending. She makes you feel bad for the bad guy and that takes some talent.

husbandIt’s Always The Husband by Michele Campbell

Judge a book by it’s creative, beautiful cover…like this one! This is what happens when you mix college best friends with their adult life problems mixed with murder. It’s entertaining and reminded me of Gone Girl. I listened to this as an audiobook and it helped hearing the story from different voices.

butterflygardenThe Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

***TOP TOP TOP PICK!*** Must read. This book blew my mind. It’s creepy, sick and thrilling enough that it had me literally page turning not wanting to put it down and there’s not many books that do that for me. It’s a CSI and Criminal Minds Movie Merger. She imagines things that happen after event and goes into fairly disturbing boundaries and crosses the line. You should be a more mature reader (probably 18) to read this because of the story and content. I looked up any other books this author wrote because her story line and storytelling were that intriguing.

delirium.jpg Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I’ve heard of this book and heard of Lauren Oliver. I thought this was an interesting concept and would like to see it as a movie. It gave me a mix of Hunger Games + Handmaid’s Tale + Get Out. Sounds weird, right? They’re trying to fight the government for everyone who thinks that love is a disease. She finds out some secrets that have been kept from her and I want to see what happens in the next two novels.


Read For Improvement

giving a fThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson

This book will have language so be warned if that is something that will offend you. The striking title on a bright orange cover will pull you in and it gives you the masculine energy version of You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. This is a book that was fun to read because I kept taking ideas and notes out of it but I’m okay not owning it. It walks you through what to give an F about and what not to. (Psstt: I wrote a post about this on my Instagram.)

lean inLean In by Sheryl Sandberg

This is a book dedicated to women in the workforce. Sheryl talked about this topic in her 2010 TedTalk and is the COO of Facebook. It was interesting to hear the stories of struggles she dealt with in her position and comparing them to what I was also going through in a similar time. If you are a woman in a leadership role or want to be in the future this is an informational and fairly quick read. This will be the easiest access to a mentor you can get.

knowing your valueKnowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth by Mika Brzezinski 

No matter your views on the Morning Joe or not, Mika provides some badass advice to women about asking for a raise, knowing what you are worth and how to get it. This came to me at the perfect time as I was actually going through a similar situation and while the tips were ones I have heard before, she elaborated on topics, was transparent about her personal examples and gives you motivating encouragement to get out there and be fearless about what you are hoping to get. I heard this at a great time for me just like people who decide it’s finally time to enhance their marketing saw my business debut and reached out. What you put out you will attract. Keep pushing.

giantAwaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

I listened to the audiobook of this and it was more like a motivational podcast for me since it took less than two hours to listen to. It is very similar to a lot of his other materials and just what you think of when you hear Tony’s name. If you’re looking for something that will prompt you to think, motivate you or increase your work productivity this is it. I liked how he had his own speaking parts along with the narrator and he included pauses to write down ideas and go through exercises with him.

capital gainesCapital Gaines by Chip Gaines

Smart things he learned doing stupid stuff. I was really hoping this would be more real estate, entrepreneur and investment based but it was very similar to his wife’s book Magnolia Story. He did let you in on several mistakes he made in his business and how he corrected them and he spoke about how he found balance in her personal and professional life which is what this book club is all about.



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Marin took this photo in Fall 2017 near Astoria, Oregon. This is the Peter Iredale Shipwreck, Ft. Stevens Historical Area.

This was a post written February 27 that started this entire journey. It is referenced in this blog so I wanted to share. I have adjusted some of the wording and thoughts since then. Enjoy…


“She stood in the storm & when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” -Elizabeth Edwards. #stormsabrewin

What an awesome point in my life I’m at right now; personally and professionally. Acknowledging and identifying what is good or right for me. Being able to meet, connect and help others. To leave everyone a little bit happier than you found them. To do a job well done without the need to be praised but, instead, to feel good about your work and solid in your value.

You can only control your thoughts, your actions, your reactions and be proud of the way you handled them. Don’t react harshly because you’re not a harsh person. You are or are not going to do something because that IS or that ISN’T the type of person YOU are. This is still something I am working on but it makes you feel good. It’s what some might call forgiveness and it’s what others call selfish. What would someone like you call it?

Today I was presented an opportunity that’s been on my mind for years. Things I am passionate about or worried about blindsided me in a matter of 30 minutes.

What could have been seen as a significant loss I viewed as a MAJOR opportunity.

The same day I was listening to “Uninvited”, a Christian book about the enemy facing you with rejection. NOPE! Not today! I weirdly felt a complete sense of peace and clarity that I have yet to have experienced until now. The kind of aha moment that makes you laugh out loud.

I cannot wait to share my adventure with you! I’ve been wanting, wishing and hoping for too long; it’s just time to do it. Take a leap. Beat the imposter syndrome (Which I talk more about here.) I hope you’ll support me as we do this. ❤️ (what a great day, huh?!)




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Why Local Collaborative?

marin profileHey, I’m Marin! I’m named after a county in California but I was born and raised in a small Kansas town. As in we still don’t have stoplights and I went to school in a cornfield, y’all. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Mass Communications (Focus in Public Relations) from the greatest school on Earth (Kansas State University) where I met my husband.

His career as an Army officer takes us across the country. We have a love for adventuring new places, hiking the most beautiful trails and searching for a new favorite beer all while loving on our Iranian rescue pup, Argo.

There are several challenges as a Military Wife but finding and maintaining a career is toward the top of the list. After some jobs left me feeling unfulfilled, underutilized, under-paid, and held back, I finally felt it’s time to fearlessly pursue a creative, fulfilling career. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

I am forever grateful that I’ve been consistently working my entire life. The variety of jobs I’ve held have taught me lessons to keep me humbled and well-rounded, allowing me to better serve my future clients and career. I’ve had several unique opportunities and experiences to apply to my work and have been encouraged for my creative ideas, innovative promotion strategy and eye for design. Paired with those skills, I have implemented public relations, advertising, marketing, communications, customer service and sales to provide a fresh eye and challenging approach to business.

I’m inspired by the thought of bringing you a collaborative marketing approach from your most enthusiastic local entrepreneurs. People I have worked with and trust from multiple industries. I believe in authenticity, I value transparency, I accept feedback and I expect a growth mindset from those I partner with. I strongly believe you can have fun while being professional. I believe you can be modern and rustic at the same time. I believe sandwiches should be hot, drinks should be cold and notes should be handwritten. I believe you should stand firm in your beliefs with an open mind.

I’m excited for what’s to come and I appreciate you being here. Let’s go have some fun!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton