Brand Blog Series: You Might Be The Ruler Archetype If…

If you missed the first blog, no worries! Everything started here.

Basically after a Discovery Session we head in to a Branding + Positioning Strategy. This is where (pretty much as the name says) we BRAND your business- colors, fonts, voice, tone, messaging, audience, etc.- and set you up with strategic ways to put yourself out there in the world the way you want to be seen and a way in which your clients need you. 

There seems to be a notion that, in order to be beautiful, effective or strategic, something must be complex.

Let me say this complete sentence.


Things don’t have to be complicated or complex to be beautiful or effective. Things can work when you simplify. And simplifying helps you niche down to where you’d be most influential and speaking to those most likely to take the action you desire! Exciting, right?

The most luxurious of the archetypes is next. Here ye, Here ye! 

The Ruler


The Ruler

Whether you decide Ruler, Royalty or Executive sound best for your brand, it will be fairly clear if you’re this archetype. If you want to market your product as luxurious or upper class you’re a Ruler! If you’re marketing yourself as the best of the best, the leader in the industry or call your clients your A-Listers, you’re a Ruler.


Something else I love doing is giving visual and relatable examples of brands or characters you’d find in the wild. It helps to pair what you learn with a face to imagine while branding your business. I also thought the idea of music genres/songs for each archetype was a genius idea.

Struggling? Focus on one movie or your favorite book. For example, who in Harry Potter would be the Sage? The Jester? What role would Hermione play?

What about The Office? Or TV Show, movie, etc.? Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Once you have them listed out you will know what feels right…and start finding archetypes everywhere!

Ruler characters


Once you’ve decided on your brand, create a moodboard. This can be pulling pages from magazines or pinning on a private Pinterest board. Look for common colors and themes that come up in the images you’re drawn to.

Remember this is about what your brand is…not just what you like!

When pulling colors for The Ruler, start with a search for ROYAL purple and ROYAL blue. Purple is luxurious, royal and represents nobility while blue symbolizes security, trust and integrity and loyalty. Green tells people something is new and reminds them of wealth. Gold is also found as an accent color to show championship and prosperity.

You’ll want to include a white or black for your imagery to show on text and backgrounds. White portrays freshness and cleanliness while black emits luxury, formality and a classy elegance.

As with anything, too much of something can have a negative and inaccurate picture of your brand. Is gold for prosperity or greediness? Is green displaying wealth or sickness? Pay close attention to your shades and use of color.


Want to see these in action on a moodboard? Us too! It helps bring a brand to life in the form of examples. Find people, cartoons, quotes, offices, textures and photography. If your brand had patterns or symbols what would they be? What would be the exact opposite of your brand? If your brand were to reject something, what would that be?

Making two separate boards and comparing them side by side can make the biggest difference in clarifying your brand. Here’s a moodboard example of a Ruler.

ruler moodboard


Depending on the variation of Ruler your brand is, you might find more feminine colors and features or lean heavily into the dark and luxurious with deep colors and rich textures like silk. You might identify with a lion in your imagery or you may be more influenced by the beauty industry. Figure out how the Ruler best communicates your brand, what quotes you would say, how you’d write them and on what shape. This might mean bringing in a secondary archetype.


Feel better?! Remember…this is the last phase of the branding process so just stopping here will give you fairly superficial branding. There’s a large portion of the process that hasn’t yet been done. If you’re curious how you did, what you’re missing, or if you want us to do it ALL for you, contact us here! 

For this entire month we will be cranking out focused and all-encompassing blogs to help you decipher what brand archetype you are. As an overview the 12 are













Read up on them all and see which one best fits your brand!

Am I sensing overwhelm? Excitement? Great! We help with both. If you want to make sure you’ve got it right book a Free Discovery Session here.

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If you want to see archetypes in action head check out some great examples in our portfolio.


Grab a drink and let’s get to work on what makes you happy!





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