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FEB MAR 2020 Book Club

February and March 2020

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If you’re looking for more book or podcast recommendations you can read my other book reviews from this year you can catch up here.

The goal of this section of the blog is to share a glimpse into what inspires, motivates and teaches me. Out of the books I read, I only bring up the ones I would suggest taking a look at…there are still a few that get left out; entirely based on my own opinions.

So where do I find all these books to read? Lots of places. I follow the Book of the Month Club on Instagram and I get weekly suggestions from my daily news source, theSkimm. You can sign up for free here using my referral code!


Read For Entertainment

long bright river Long Bright River by Liz Moore

I really enjoyed this mystery suspense novel. I was hooked from beginning to end and loved the twists that were expertly sprinkled in. It features two sisters; one an addict, the other a police officer, and they reunite while trying to solve and stop local murders. This is also a GMA book club pick!

the last widow The Last Widow (Will Trent #9) by Karin Slaughter

You’ve heard it again and again. I really enjoy Karin Slaughter’s work and consistently have my name on the wait list for her books. We meet Sara and Will back in Atlanta where they’re fighting kidnapping, bombing and undercover rescues. From the beginning of Will narrating a chapter and Sara narrating a chapter, I love how she shows the two different perspectives and thoughts for the same situation. This novel focuses on terrorist attacks by white nationalists using a CDC dangerous chemical to kill masses. It’s suspenseful, relevant and creative. This audiobook did take me two checkouts to be able to complete the entire book (almost 17 hours) but it’s worth it.

Fruit of the Drunken Tree Ingrid Rojas Contreras Fruit of the Drunken Tree by Ingrid Rojas Contreras 

This fictional novel is inspired by the author’s real life and set at the height of Pablo Escobar’s violent and historical reign in Bogota. This young rich girl and her teenage maid form a friendship that threatens their safety and their life. It shows the fight to preserve innocence in chaotic times and the danger many of these kids are in; voluntary or not. It’s not as graphic as Narcos but it’s a unique and personal take on those events. 

swing time Swing Time by Zadie Smith

This booked reeled me for two reasons: 1) A childhood friendship navigating itself to adulthood. 2) Dance. As they make moves in life, location and their careers, the two find out what differentiates dreams and ambitions. Talent and Effort. Learned and Natural. This wasn’t my absolute favorite read but it was still entertaining and offered some culture with a fictional storyline. 


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Read For Improvement

bad blood Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

This investigative journalism style read was compiled of interviews with over 150 people in a combination of Verbatim, quotes and collections of stories from Theranos. I wasn’t aware of the story or scandal but apparently you can watch the HBO documentary The Inventor. If you’re in the medical field, enjoy reading or listening to investigative stories, like NPR, or just love a real-life scandal you will enjoy this!

a liberated mind A Liberated Mind by Steven Hayes

I am diagnosed with OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I have been working weekly for nearly a year at this point to work through things and was interested in learning more about the brain and the ‘why’ behind this field. I was exremely interested in the section on genes, even those that are passed down in generations, and how your body is conditioned to handle situations like trauma, stress and depression. If you’re interested in psychology or understanding your mental health, pick this book up. (You can also refer it to your friends.)

optionb Option B by Sheryl Sandberg 

Well in the first few minutes I was crying. Sheryl starts with recalling her late husband’s death and the experiences after dealing with that sudden loss. This book (like it says in the subtitle) walks you through how to face adversity and move through the stages of grief. If you or someone you know is battling with the loss of a loved one I would pass this on to them. 

think grow richThink & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This book was recommended by numerous business owners so, of course, I needed in on the secret. This book is interesting because it was published during the Great Depression. This book outlines the steps to take and avoid and ‘make’ yourself, push yourself, manifest yourself to being wealthy. Of course you have to actually take action to make things happen but some of these are a bit outdated/generic or even ‘kooky’ as some might say. Read it because it’s influential, take out of it what you wish. 

failure The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey

This book was being handed out for free at a military spouse event and I really enjoyed reading it! No matter the age of your kids, if you’re interested in psychology or counseling, etc. I think you’d enjoy taking what you learn from this book and applying it to everyday life. It can also compare parenting from your childhood to some insight or suggestion with current times. Our parents raised us for a world that didn’t exist and we will face the same challenge someday. 



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