Alki Beach Park in West Seattle: What To Know Before You Go

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Alki Beach (Also referred to as West Seattle) holds a special place in our heart. If you haven’t already read the write up on Seattle itself catch up here.

Not only is it the place where we adopted our little Iranian mutt but it’s also host to some amazing skyline views of Seattle, small food and drink stores, stunning homes (that we will probably never afford) and filming locations.

This was the first day we met him.

And each year we went back for his adoption day celebration to repeat everything we did. This was the last visit before our move.

This beach was made famous from a scene from the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” where Tom Hanks flies a kite with his son. Other scenes filmed at this bustling park were Singles, Man vs. Food and House of Games and several others.

If you look at Alki Beach on a map you will notice it’s surrounded by Elliott Bay. This allows you to get views of the ferries, paddle boarders, SUP’ers, swimmers and even on one occasion for us ORCAS! There have been several sightings for them in the bay so keep your eye out for seals, birds and these beautiful whales.


While it might seem overwhelming while looking at the beach from Seattle’s downtown and crossing under the busy bridges, you will soon drive along the water to see it makes the perfect (and very popular) location for a weekend day trip. As you drive in you will see several restaurants and watersport rentals along the water. We went to Alki about three times but we never went out into the water. Too cold for us!

I don’t own this photo…a lot got lost with a hard drive crash!

Keep an eye out for parking along the edge but if you prefer to get your car off the main street turn onto the residential roads and aim for a free spot next to the homes. We always turned left at Blue Moon Burgers (57th Ave SW) and went down a few blocks before finding an open spot. It’s a quick walk in a quiet neighborhood and we never had issues.



This will give you vibes of a typical PNW beach.  Think bungalows sitting next to medium-rise waterfront apartment houses, waterfront businesses, a thin, rocky beach, and a road with a bike/foot trail running several miles along the water. There is plenty to do and how frequently it’s packed with people doing some sort of activity.  It’s a fun atmosphere!

The beach and sidewalk stretch all around the beach so there is plenty of room to walk, run, rollerskate or bike. If you don’t have your own bike you can rent one or rent a 4-person pedal buggy (what are those called? Is there an official name?) An area I frequently saw rentals was near  the point to Seacrest Park which provides one of the best views of Seattle from across the water. We were always with our dog and there are many people who will bring there furry pets as well; just make sure they stay on the leash and off the sand and you will have a great time.

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My favorite part of walking the edge was seeing how the views changed. No matter what it is magnificent. Water with minimal wakes, snow-capped Olympic mountains, land and islands, the Puget Sound, Seattle (have I mentioned the best viewpoint enough yet?) You will enjoy being able to check out the variety of homes as well!

There are grassy areas, benches and covered areas you can reserve for anniversaries, reunions or other large parties. If you don’t feel like playing catch and want to kick off your shoes in one of there sand volleyball courts they’re near the shelters and close to several restaurants and bars if you need liquid courage.

You’ll also come across some rich Seattle history displayed on plaques, statues and markers. One of these is a replica of Lady Liberty because the original name of the settled area was New York Alki. You’ll also see the iconic Alki Point Lighthouse and the Birthplace of Seattle monument.



There are the classics that you should try at some point like Duke’s Seafood & Chowder House, Top Pot Doughnuts and find dining options but you will mostly find the smaller, casual beachfront restaurants which are our go-to anyway.

Blue Moon Burgers offers options…a lot of options. Luckily we decided to stop in after parking nearby several times. They have delicious, juicy burgers, fresh fries and hand-dipped milkshakes. Only downside is you’re paying that smaller restaurant, peak location price. If you have a good boy or girl they are welcome and a common site out on the patio!

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It is very minimal service so plan to seat yourself or take it out to another location. We took our burgers to the truck, drove to the other side (Beach Drive SW) and parked to enjoy the views. This is the day we saw orcas!

I always wanted to try Alki Spud Fish and Chips and El Chupacabra Alki. Since we always went during the day with our dog we didn’t grab a drink but I would head to Phoenecia or Salty’s for their famed brunch. If you’re wanting a rooftop bar there are a handful offering different views but I would go to Alki Beach Pub & Eatery or Marination Mai Kai unless you’re looking for something specific.



Whether you drive yourself or take an Uber tour this nice little nook of West Seattle is top choice from locals and tourists alike to wind down, watch the sun rise and set, grab a hot sandwich with a cold drink and play. It’s a great visit and I hope you have fun in Seattle.



We’re running a HUGE promotion for our One Year Anniversary in March. Make sure you’re following us (enter your email in the subscription list) so you don’t miss out!

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